Sugar Glider Joeys for Sale

Suggies At Home do sell joeys, and all joeys are homebred.  I do not get from mass producers, middleman, suppliers or any glider mill. I do not have many breeding pairs so it takes time for them to breed as gliders only breed 2 to 3 times a year depending on conditions. Each time, 1 or 2 joeys are only born.  All of my joeys are homebred with love and care, they wean off mom’s milk naturally. No force feeding and no early separation.

My prices are stated below and is negotiable. There is a special price if you purchase and neuter the male or if you purchase 2 males. Email me for more info on it.

Male joeys RM300

Female joeys RM350

All purchases include a free container of GliderSLURP that cost about RM23 with each joey and one accessory (Bonding pouch or Sleeping pouch set that’s worth RM38) *terms and condition and availability applies

I do provide after purchase advice and services. Email me at for more information.

We also do sugar glider boarding/fostering if you need to go away for awhile, with a discount if you have purchased one of our joeys.


I will only sell the glider joeys to responsible people who have done their research and understand glider care. You must be dedicated enough to keep them for the next 10 to 15 years.

To place a reservation, a deposit of RM100 is required for each glider and it is non-refundable.


Since the joeys are not always readily available, you have to be patient and wait. Getting sugar gliders should not be a rushed purchase. DO NOT get on impulse. These creatures need lots of attention and they should not be kept like hamsters.

I have the RIGHT to question each buyer on their knowledge about gliders and also REJECT buyers who are not suitable to have gliders. I want my gliders to go to good homes with proper housing, proper care and good basic knowledge with an eagerness to learn.

My prices are Reasonable due to the fact that we provide lots of TLC and handling before it reaches your home.

Those who have bought their 1st glider from us, the 2nd glider will get a discount. Email for details (look under contact and location)


Our warranty is upon special conditions. It does not mean that if the glider dies in your hand, you would get a refund. No, our warranty is where you can exchange your joey if it seems unsuitable. If the joey died of natural causes that was not inflicted by the owner, then it will be discussed.

There are cases where people get gliders that do not suit them, so we will give you the opportunity to exchange for a joey that suits you. This requires no extra charge and is only limited to the first 3 weeks upon purchase.

Important!!! *** The joeys returned for exchange should be healthy, no injuries, sickly or half dead. We do not sell sick joeys, so it would not be our fault if your joey falls sick in your care. We know the markings and features of each joey so you cannot exchange with us a joey that is not from us. We keep records.

For our trade records and accountability, do click on the banner below.



Available Joeys for booking: As of March 2012

Mario – Classic grey male (Chiwek and May – oop 12 Dec 2011)

Pluto – Classic grey male (Gizmo and Sugus – oop 5 Dec 2011)

Sweetie – Classic grey female (Russel and Potato – oop 29 Feb 2012) * Booked

Juniper (M) and Cinnamon (F) – Classic grey ( Uno and Domino – oop 1 Mar 2012) *Cinnamon booked

Taco (M) and Tia (F) – Classic grey (Chiwek and May – oop 13 Mar 2012) *Taco booked

Buttons (F) and Baylian (M) – potential Caramels (Cremba and Keera – 00p 11 Feb 2012) *Buttons booked


127 thoughts on “Sugar Glider Joeys for Sale

  1. Where is my store? I don’t own a pet shop nor work at one. Breeding sugar gliders is just a hobby. Price range, if you have read…. I already stated RM300 with terms and condition.

  2. Hi, please email me at for further discussions. I would need to know if you are ready to have a joey or not. If I find you good enough, then you can place a deposit but bare in mind that I have a waiting list of about 3 people now. People who have paid deposits will only get bookings.

  3. could you tell me where to sign up for this. and to actually buy one ? im very serious about this. and i dont think its wrong at all to question someone. especially dealing with such magnificent animals.

    please write me back.

  4. Hi Tabatha

    Where are you located? You can email me if you want for further discussion about it. I do have joeys for sale, depending on who pays the deposit first to get them.

    As for other breeders, I also have a friend who is selling joeys as well, a few males now. If you are patient, you can be on my waiting list as I am expecting a few new joeys around the end of the year.

  5. Well, there is a waiting list. Many have booked way before any joeys are born, and they have paid me their deposits. Of course there would be joeys in November but if for sale, all have been booked. If you wish to reserve one, email me for a private discussion.

  6. i was wondering if you have a boy and a girl,
    for my sister,
    its her examination present
    her UPSR one,
    and she wanted one for quite some time now 🙂

    • please do not give sugar glider to yr nephew,small sister/brother as a present…really….we need to study more about sugar glider habits and nature before owned them

  7. What is the currency exchange rate to USD???? I cannot find RM unless you are talking about China Yuan Renminbi? Sorry for my ignorance.


  8. How to contact you?
    Can you email me about how long it could take to order one.
    Plus, i need some questions about sugar gliders answered so please email me.
    (i’m doing the research about sugar gliders as we speak!)

  9. hi there,i was thinking of getting a sugar glider as my pet,i’ve been researching for the proper care guide and diet for the little joey,but if i wanted to buy em,should i buy in pairs or only a single joey?
    i would prefer a single than pair.
    And i would like to inquire bout the vet’s bill.How much approximately is the bill for each visit?
    i would like to know all these info before i purchase em.Thanks for your reply.

  10. Hi, would like to check with you.. heard that they do urinate to mark their territory as well and I wouldnt want them to urinate on myself when carrying them around so please help to enlighten me, thanks

  11. hi babe, your blog seems super busy. good on you.
    BTW, RM is Ringgit Malaysia. It’s about RM3.4 to 1USD.
    And peeps, I don’t think they ship very well 🙂

  12. Hi my name is Kelly. I wish to purchase a suger glider preferably male, wanted to for a loving home. Please contact me with prices, I am willing to travel in order to ensure its love at first sight for me aswell as my potential baby (lol the suger glider). Thank you x

    • Hi Kelly

      Where is your location. Thank you for wanting to purchase a sugar glider from me but I do not have any for sale at the moment as I just sold off 2 today. Do look out for joey updates later in the year.

  13. I’ve been looking for sugagliders all over KL pet stores…but none of them sell joeys. I was wondering, do you accept credit card? Im a university student. I can afford foods etc for the joeys but i do not have rm350. Is it possible if I can be in your waiting list?…While wait, I can earn money by working etc…Im really serious about this. I even search for sugagliders in Johor! until i found your website.


  14. My sister has two sugar gliders, Sophie and Bella. When she got Bella my sister was informed that she, Bella, may be pregnant. Well she has had her for about a month now and my littlest sister has been caring for them for a few weeks at my house. My other sister came over today to check on them and actually bring them back home and noticed that there were feet sticking out of Bella’s pouch. So we are assuming that she was pregnant and now has had the baby or babies. Is there anything that she needs to be doing in order to care for these new family members or will Bella take care of everything. Please email me at my email address and let us know. Thank you so much.

  15. hye…my fren who bot a sg from u recommended me to deal with u…i’ve been reading alot on sg n hedgehog, n been considering on getting either one… not sure whether this info is relevant or not, but im staying in college…so would it be a suitable environment to place these sg? any info would be much appreciated…n if i have decided…..should i get 1 or a pair of joeys? my only concern is that…since these marsupials are nocturnal n social creature…..i would be gone for classes mostly during the day….would that b a major problem? thanx…sorry for asking too much…i just need to know so that i wouldnt neglect this cute animal 😉

  16. Hi, tis is Molly. i would like to get a joey from you. hw should i make a deposit for it as a reservation? before tat i would like to see the joeys fisrt…Where to meet u up? Please reply to my mail.Many thanks.waiting for ur reply.

    • Hi Molly
      It’s hard to say when I will have joeys that are available because all the joeys on my side have been booked till end of the year. If you would like a joey, you can contact my friend Reanne at 012-6165997 as she got joeys that are unbook.

  17. Hi, im haziq. Im planning on getting a joey(preferably female) at about early January next year. I’ve been doing my research for the past few months and i think im ready to get one. Just waiting it out till next year to be sure i’ve got everything. So if you have a female available at about late December or early January please hook me up. my e-mail is Thanks

    • Hi Haziq
      Thank you for reading my blog. Good that you are planning already. You got lots to learn and update yourself. Well, hard to say if I will have any female joeys. Joeys will of course have coz I got Jessie with joeys in pouch now. But whether male or female, only God will know. But if you don’t get a joey from me is also fine, as long you find a good homebreeder and I don’t mind you asking me questions or anything that comes into your mind. Just let me know, I’ll offer my guidance.

  18. haziq…haha i seen u around lowyat forum/glider thread b4…

    make sure u wrote down few notes and remember some important info about gliders….feel free to ask hun@suggiesathome anytime..she is one of the ‘pakar’ about glider :p

    good luck!

  19. hi crazymouseseyyh..
    i’ve done a lot of research bout SG during fasting month..
    about a month i tried to read all the topic of SG in LYN..
    after sahur,then i sleep..
    i think i wanna adopt them in december or late nov coz still wanna do a lot of research bout them..
    do u have any female SG in stock??
    or do you know some breeder that can provide me female SG in dec or late nov..
    reply to my mail ya..
    hope to get some reply from u soon..

    • Sugar gliders are not allowed into Singapore. I wouldn’t risk keeping a glider in Singapore, you will have trouble keeping it and if you get caught, the animal will be taken away and sent to Indonesia or worst, stuck in quarantine till it dies. Would you want that to happen?

  20. Hey there, I am planning to get a sugar glider male. I have one female at home. so decided to get another male. do u have any male sugar glider ? mine is about 8 month old now. is it possible to mix them together ? can u pls reply me on my email. really really want a male glider =) thanks

    • Well yes, coz I am base in Malaysia and it is very troublesome to ship sugar gliders out of the country as only 1 cargo airline does animal shipping, and to get the permits and official letters is a hassle. Where are you from?

  21. hi again…
    im lana for sabah,im interested to get a sugar glider.Im wondering either u are able to send it over to kk sabah as i am form there…if you can pls lemme knw the price n charges.thanx…

    • I do not sell pairs unless there is complete understanding as to why you want a pair. All my joeys are booked.

    • Colour is not important and won’t interfere when breeding since we do not have extreme colour varieties here. Yes, they can breed together coz they are the same species but are you ready?

  22. hi, it seem that sugar glider is an interesting pet. i wish to buy one but i still confuse about their diet. what type of food do they eat as we know that if a person have a hamster it would have it own food that can be purchase at store? is sugar glider food available in market?

    • There are sugar glider foods available, but not everything is good. Pellets are never the best. Some may eat, some gliders would never touch it even if they are starving. Gliders require fresh food. These days quite a number of pet shops are selling HPW, which is a supplement food that needs to be fed everyday. Then there is my food that I created, which is a fresh frozen food that a pet shop and an agent is selling for me.

      The disadvantages of keeping a sugar glider is that they are never gonna be as easy as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters.

  23. hye Hun….
    afiq here….on 21st nov maybe i’ll be meeting reanne for rika….
    hope the meeting is successful…
    do u have any male joeys at the moment?
    i’m from shah alam selangor…..

  24. Hi! Can i have your email and if 1 sugar glider i pay rm240 can sell to me? I wanna buy to my mom for gift but i only got rm240.. Please!

    • I am sorry but I do not support giving sugar gliders as gifts to people unless the receiver is acknowledge and is willing and has the time and commitment to care for a glider.

  25. Hey there, I’m located in Singapore. Hoping to get another glider to accompany my current 2 month old female. Do you have any of about the same age ?

  26. Viejas is a San Diego area casino, and outlet center owned by the Viejas Band of concert venues and a poker room. Viejas serves alcohol in its casino.

    • If you would like to purchase a joey, please email at I am very particular when it comes to rehoming my joeys so an email about why you want to keep a glider, about yourself and also approval from the people you live with is a must for me.

  27. Hi crazy mouse. I was the person who texted you asking when does pet epicure closes. I thought that you would be there because I need help with my joey. When will you be at pet epicure again? I’ve heard that they are closing this weekend due to some function.

    • Hi, Pet Epicure only opens on working days. Any public holiday and Mondays are closed. Also, i’m only there on Sundays. I will be there this Sunday.

  28. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  29. my sg (jojo n coco) just gave birth, a baby female now about 2 months old, named kiki. anyone wud glad to have it at reasonable price? tq

  30. hai, i really want to buy a suger glider as pet. for a price rm300 i can afford to get one. can it be send to sandakan sabah?

    • Hi, Thank you for showing interest but for now there are no joeys available. I have a waiting list. Will only have joeys that ready to new homes in August. Already a few people have reserved the upcoming joeys.

      • great, since then i will have more time to prepare..I dun mind waiting as i’m not rushing to get the joey.

        please provide me more information about the booking details.

      • Alright. Do give me an email at and let me know what knowledge you have on sugar glider care and if I find it satisfactory, we can discuss further on you booking on a sugar glider.

    • Sorry but none are available. For my gliders, they are all fully booked at the moment, even those that have not come out of their mom’s pouch.

  31. can you please tell me where I coul buy your glider surp. I live in the united state.Springfield Mo. I want the best for my 3 gliders. if I cant buy it in the states can I make it. your site has really helped me alot. When I see some of the gliders in pet ware house I want to cry. They dont know what the hell they are doing.Just tryng to sell them.After many letters and complaint thank haven they stoped selling them. I really love these small precious animals. They need to be procted. Please keep up the good work.


    • Hi Patricia
      Thanks for reading my blog. Wish I could send gliderslurp to you but it is homemade and only available in Malaysia. But do drop me an email at, I will give you a similar recipe on how to make your own one. Since you are in US, I think you can find more ingredients too. Yes, seeing small gliders being sold by money sharks is just terrible. In Malaysia, there are so many people doing it and it’s hard to stop it. Thank you for your support.

  32. I just got a 1 month+ old joey from my bro cos he doesn’t know to take care of it at all . i found that da joey’s poop are runny and quite smear , is that means he’s sick ? and his fur are not shinny and fluffy like da others , its like stay wet all da time even though i had clean his body with wet tissue . really need some help from u . And what should i feed him ? milk or fruits ? can u pls give me a formula to feed him if possible ? Im very worry bout him , he is thin and weak now 😦 .

    • Hi, did I replied to you in facebook? Coz it sounds familiar…..
      Best advice would be to bring to a vet if you think it is diarrhea. If it is 1 month old, it should be taking milk replacer for puppies or sugar gliders. It needs a warm environment with no air cond. Also you need to carry it around wherever you go to give it body heat and comfort. If you can come to Pet Epicure this Sunday, I can give you free milk replacer for your joey.

  33. Hi.. i’m wondering if you do buy them as well?.. my friend is moving, he’s unable to take care of them anymore.. i’m wondering if you are interested in buying them??..
    Please let me know.. thx..

  34. Do you have any new joeys? and if you don’t, do you know any good breeders? most petstores only sell adult suggies, and i’m afraid they might be too old for bonding.

  35. hi…i would like 2 booking a joey..rm 300..have 2 waiting untill next year..? i already read the topic of sg and how so cuteeeee…….

  36. Hi there!

    I’m keen to adopt a sugar slider. Appreciate if you could give me more details about it and how much is the shipping cost to Singapore? =\

    Hope to hear from you!


  37. Hye, I am interested in owning a sugar glider. Can I just place a booking on them while Im waiting I can have time to prepare myself. Ive been reading about them online for quite some time now, and I think they are the best pets for me. But still there are a lot of things that i need to know and am trying hard to learn more about them. please reply here or please email me at my email. Thanks 🙂

    • The answer is yes and no…. Yes, it can live alone but it will be a big commitment from your side because if you neglect it or do not give enough attention, the sugar glider can go into depression mode and hurt itself. Best to have at least 2.

  38. Hi Hun,

    I was thinking of getting brand new Variation baby gliders, when i can eventually get one, Now tho I’ve changed my mind. I really don’t mind if it’s not brand new. It can be a glider that needs a new home because it’s loving owners can no longer take care of it due to Very good/honest reasons. My only condition is that they are tame.

    So let me put up myself under the list of possible new fosterer/ adopter.

    I see out there ppl having to let go of these innocents and reminds me of cases like that of the stray dogs and cats.


  39. i have 2 gliders. i can tell the difference between Jojo and Jiji cause one male and one female but i just got 2 joeys. my QUESTION is how do i know which Jojo, Jiji and those 2 joeys when they grow up becuse they look the same… PLEASE REPLY…

    • Congrats. Anyway, you have to know the difference. For me I can recognize my gliders but I never allow the joeys to be in the same cage with their parents. Are you planning to keep all in the same cage? Your gliders have a high chance of in-breeding if you do not separate them once the joeys are 5 months old. Best advice, separate the joeys when they are 2 months old or try to find them good homes. Animals are never the same as humans.

      • Well, you will be able to recognize them if you play with them often. They each got some sort of minor differences, it can be physical or a particular character. The dorsal stripe, black markings on the face, shape of the face, all can be different. It is up to you whether you wanna take time with remembering them. I recognize my gliders, as in the ones in their own cages. If I were to jumble up all 45 gliders together, honestly, I can recognize about 80% of them. If you are worried about not recognizing them, then separate into another cage.

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