GliderSLURP is a homemade nutritional supplement for sugar gliders. This product has been in production in 2005, selling since 2006 till now with thousands of containers sold. What is so special about GliderSLURP?


This product, first of all is nutritionally complete and balanced with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, along with vitamins and minerals that a sugar glider needs to stay healthy. It can be fine on its own or it can be fed alongside with fruits. If fed alone, it would be 2 tablespoons a day mixed with a bit of water for each glider, if it is along with fruits and pellets, 1 tablespoon for each glider and it is best to feed GliderSLURP at night. Depending on how often and how much you feed, 1 container which is about 700g can last for about 3 weeks to a month for 2 gliders. GliderSLURP is made thick so adding a little water to dilute it makes it more appetizing and economical to feed.

No more mixing your own sugar glider food. No more dry powder food. GliderSLURP is fresh, giving you maximum nutritional absorption.

Fresh fruit is used to make all of GliderSLURP! flavours. Packed with beneficial fibre and enzymes. No additional sugar, artificial preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring is used in the making of GliderSLURP! Now GliderSLURP! has the addition of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 that will improve fur and skin quality as well as overall health.


1. Feed 1.5 to 2 tablespoons per glider if you use it as your complete daily diet. Mix with 1 teaspoon of water.

2. Feed 1 tablespoon per glider if you feed with fresh fruits and pellets or other food product. HPW can be fed along with GliderSLURP but 1 teaspoon of hpw is enough.

3. GliderSLURP has to be kept in the freezer, can keep for 6 months. In fridge or chiller, 3 days. I follow Food and Safety Standards of Hotels and Restaurants, where fresh or cooked food should be kept in chiller or fridge for not more than 3 days. GliderSLURP won’t go bad but it is not recommended to keep longer. If room temperature, Food and Safety Standards, food should not be used if left for more than 4 hours. So this is why I do not recommend putting GliderSLURP for long periods in room temperature.

All GliderSLURP! has the following ingredients:

Pure fruit juice, fruits and/or vegetables (Look at flavour listing), Cooked chicken, cooked whole eggs, wheat germ, rolled oats, 4 kinds of cereal and grains, high fibre meal, yogurt, protein powder, potato, Atlantic Kelp, flaxseed meal, vitamin and mineral supplements, calcium, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 oils.



Veggie Bliitz

Mustard greens (sawi), green peas, kiwi, apple, papaya

Mango Peace

Mango, green peas, apple, papaya

Apple Mango Pear

Apple, mango, pear, papaya

Tropical Pick

Mango, kiwi, pineapple, apple, papaya

Mixed Fruits

Apple, pear, plum, papaya

Very Berry Berry

Strawberry, apple, plum, papaya

Sweet Apple Pumpkin

Apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya

Apple Blackcurrant

Apple, blackcurrant, plum, papaya


What are the benefits of GliderSLURP?

1. Increase body weight – mainly give better nutrition so the glider’s body and overall health.

2. Increase fur growth – Hairloss from poor nutrition can be helped.

3. Bone development – For young joeys that have thin or fragile bones, GliderSLURP can increase bone mass from the additional calcium.

4. Muscle development – Can increase muscle mass for a stronger full-bodied glider.

5. Helps in diarrhea and constipation – The high moisture content helps with constipation and the high fiber content helps with watery poo.

6. Improve skin and fur condition – The addition of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils and Atlantic Kelp helps in improving skin health and fur health, leaving gliders with soft and fluffy fur.

7. Improves breeding frequency – Active breeding gliders will breed more often and produce very well-formed big joeys.


Price: RM23 retailing in KL and Selangor

RM25 in other states

Additional charges for delivery by agents.


Official GliderSLURP agents:

1 – Kelvin Chan (Subang, Sunway, Puchong, Damansara, Petaling Jaya)



2 – Naiman Eman (Shah Alam)



3 – Callister Wong (Klang)



4 – Helmi Hassan (Penang, Sungai Petani, Kulim)



5 – Noah Darham (Kulai, Senai, Skudai, JB)

Poster :


6 – Zeon Zecko (Melaka)


7 – Suggie Shiteru (putrajaya,bangi,kajang,seri kmbngn, serdang, dengkil n sepang)


8 – Hun (Danau Kota, Wangsa Maju LRT, Taman Melati LRT)


9. Pet Epicure (Taman Melawati)

16 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL

CLOSED on Mondays and Public Holidays

OPENING HOURS ARE: 9.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday9.30am – 4pm Weekends 0129059010 – Olivia 0123313318 – Alicia


62 thoughts on “GliderSLURP!

  1. Hi Nina
    You can purhase GliderSLURP and GliderFRUISICLES at Pet Shack or Pet Epicure. Please visit my Pet Shop Category to get their contact and address. Thank you.

  2. hello hun. im just curious, last 3 weeks i bought ur GliderSLURP, on the label it says Veggie flavor.

    but i noticed that its not stated at ur other Flavors pun.

    izzit a new flavor?

  3. Ah, sorry sorry, I forgot to add. Veggie Biitez is a new flavour for this year, I just forgot to add into my flavours list.

    How is your Mika taking to it? She likes? Veggie Biitez so far is the healthiest GliderSLURP as it has a good amount of leafy veggies that is great for their health.

  4. hi hun,
    it’s very hard for me to buy ur slurp as it always out of stock everytime i check wif petshack!!hehe.. may i know when do you usually restock them?
    thanks.. 🙂

  5. Hi nadnad

    I restock on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Already sent like 20 containers yesterday, sold out so quickly?

  6. thanks hun…
    will hurry to petshack today…
    want to try the Veggie Bitez as hazzy make it sound so yummy!! 🙂

  7. hi hun, actually once i saw ya hantar the slurpies at petshack, bought the veggie flavor. my stoney b. and his friend, bree loved it!

    just want to check if u have other treats.. do you have any other treats to offer the suggy?

  8. hi all….ive got two gliders,1 twinkles,and grumpy!

    i lalalalalove them..hahaha
    anyways…my male glider is abit tooo stinkyminky sometimes….how do i overcome the stench?

    • Hi! Haha I know what you mean, after a while my glider smells like a tupai! You can bathe them, but you need two people cos don’t forget, gliders can’t swim! Just use a gentle shampoo or soap for hamsters, rub it on him, and then rinse. It’s better if you fill up the sink with warm water first. Be careful of his ears and eyes!
      He’s stinky cos he’s a male. Male gliders have scent glands, don’t forget! Only bathe him once every two weeks. Make sure you dry him well or he might catch a cold! If he doesn’t mind you can use a hairdryer. I hope that was helpful! (:

  9. hi.. i’m really2 interested in getting ur products as well as the necessary vitamins and supplemants required for lil’ suggies. are u open on public holidays?

  10. SLURP SAVED GIPGIP’s LIFE…!!! got him underaged from a pet shop and yea he was dying untill i got introduced to hun and her slurp..gip gip started eating that and started becoming healthy and he was putting on weight which was a good sign..and now he is SUPER healthy, has a son and is living with hun…=) so yea slurp is GOOODDDDD

  11. 🙂 Hun, thanks for the slurp!! I just saw that i can COD at sunway pyramid.
    Next trip I would be meeting you there!! 3 of them now is vy health. thanks

    • Yes you can. When it is frozen, just wrap up in a few layers of news paper, and you carry it in a cooler bag. It can last for 8 hours and still frozen.

  12. Hi,
    Ive got my 2 gliders 2 weeks ago but they dont want to eat anything exept apples i want to try ur products. But do u sell them in Penang or only in KL?

  13. Hi,does Pet Shack still sell the GliderSlurp? Im from subang and Melawati is a bit far for me and i dont have time to got there cause of work. Maybe any other way i can get it cause i have underage gliders.look fine now but i dont want it to get sick and weak. Heard this product is good.. Help!!

  14. hi….. im nurul…. im a beginner owner… i still curious bout sugar glider diet…. where can i get those food that u advertise???? my glider is 3 months old…. what food suitable for him…

    • The sugar glider requires an omnivorous diet. You need to feed a source of protein, fruits and carbohydrates. You can try my product GliderSLURP! or others like HPW. Anyway, do see my latest post as now it is available in Sunway, Subang and Puchong base on delivery service.

  15. hi yoong…

    i saw the lastest post about sluppiee,Mr chia will deliver it, is it deliver around bandar sri damansara/ amanpuri/manja lara/ kepong/ sg buloh? i like to buy the slurpiee, my hpw will finish around next 3-5 days, the delivery charge is no problem to me

    last i see you at pet carnival at jusco damansara utama – last year, i try to buy the slurpiee but the slurpiee is so limited and i can’t grab it. after that i try to see u many time to buy slurpiee, but i have no time to go kelana jaya..

    when the pet carnival at mid valley i really know the time & date, but i forget about that coz i move to new home – so busy that time & i forget about that…

    i not have a broad band to update the new news and reunion etc..

    last month i bought the broad band and i hope i not the last one know all thing / reunion / activity about sugar glider again…i hope i can join you all activity, to sharing all goods thing for our lovely glider, i like to learn more about that

    hope u recvd my post before you fly, dear..Thank You!

  16. Hello there!!! I jux got a 7month old male sugar glider about a week ago, do u know about how long they take to bond wit humans?…..And if u sell ur products in Dallas, Tx? They all sound so fun and delicious am very interested on finding the best for mine…. Which by the way his name is pulguito, means: some really tiny and super cute!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! =)

  17. Hello there!!! I jux got a 7month old male sugar glider about a week ago, do u know about how long they take to bond wit humans?…..And if u sell ur products in Dallas, Tx? They all sound so fun and delicious am very interested on finding the best for mine…. Which by the way his name is pulguito, means: some thing really tiny and super cute!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! =)

  18. sir, i am quite intrested to give my babies your Gliderslurp,can we do meet ups?because im new here in malaysia im a Philippino.
    this is my contact #103751647.
    thanx more power

  19. Hi,

    I am interested in your GliderSLURP, GliderFRUITSICELS and GliderYOGURTEES. I live in Johor Bahru. Can it be send to JB? What’s the price and cost of transport?

    Thank you.
    Jeorge Tan

  20. Hi, bagaimana saya ingin membeli GliderFRUITSICLES, GliderSLURP dan GliderYOGURTEES…ada penghantaran sekitar bukit bintang kl? TQ.

    • To Bukit Bintang, it is too busy and I have to change trains to get there. If you can meet me at KLCC then it is fine.

  21. when do i feed my gliders the glider slurp? does it replace hpw or ill have to give them hpw, glider slurp and fruits together daily? 🙂

    • Hi
      GliderSlurp is a food supplement just like HPW, only it is made with fresh cooked chicken, fruits, different grains and cereals. When you feed GliderSlurp, you do not need to feed HPW. Just feed along with fruits and you will have a balance diet for your glider.

  22. hye…
    im safwan…im staying at shah alam..does mr chia still deliver glideryummies products? how about pet shack?do they still selling it? thanx for the respond…

    • Sorry, Pet Shack doesn’t stock Gliderslurp. If Shah Alam, it is possible but only on weekdays and is through my mom during working hours. If you are ok with it, give me a sms at 012-2274728.

      • thanks hun…its ok since i went to pet epicure last saturday and bought 2 containers of gliderslurp…for now on,i think i’ll just buy from pet epicure..even its far,but the stock will always available right?

  23. hye.
    im leez. im stying at shah alam. actually my glider refuse to eat lately. and im very worried about it. i really interested in gliderslurp. how can i buy it? is it any possible delivery services?

  24. Hey there. I got my joeys 4 days ago including today. They’re doing good so far. I did a number of research basically on everything I need to know about joeys and sugar gliders.

    I am interested in getting gliderslurp. May I enquire where is Pet Epicure? will drop by to get the supplements and maybe asking a few question on their diet.

    Do let me know soon. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

    • Hi, I will be at Pet Epicure this Sunday from 1pm to 4pm. It is located at taman Melawati, near the Zoo Negara. You can google maps for location.

      • owhhh is it possible for me to go there tml? cuz they’ve been eating red apples for 4 days so i’m a bit worry.

  25. hye hun.. i’m really interested to get your glider slurp.. i just got my 3 months old sg and i want to give him your slurp.. please do reply to me soon.. now i’m staying at shah alam.. can i place an order?

  26. hye I am pak ajak got a 3mth++ joey want to buy the slurpp but i am in muar johor can’t even find any suppliment for suggie here

  27. izzit all different flavours of suggie slurp has similar nutrition content?
    wat’s d fruits contained in ‘mixed fruits’ and ‘veggie biitez’
    if i order 1 now can courier?

  28. hi, i’m very interested in this product
    i’d like to know is it the nutrition values of all the different flavours almost the same?
    and also wat’s the mixture of fruits tat contained in ‘mixed fruits’ and ‘veggie biitez’ flavour?
    plz kindly get back to me, tq

  29. hi, I want to buy your gliderslurp but Im in shah alam. Can you do a delivery service? and can I have your number or perhaps a blackberry or whatsapp pin number? thanks.

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