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I am located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My contact:


If you have any questions or would like some information on joeys for sale, please do email me at the above email address. I will no longer reply emails from my personal email.

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56 thoughts on “Contact and Location

  1. Hi Hun,

    I am really i nterested in getting a joey,i know i need to put in my full commitment into taking care of it’s daily needs.I used to own birds,but i hv no luck..they don’t last very long…but,whn i get myself a joey,i really2 want it to be with me for as long as they can….wht i need you to tell me is,how much it’s goin to cost me on a monthly basis to care for SG?I need to work on my budget as to whether it’s afordable or not…..tht’s my biggest concern at the moment.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi there…

    I just bought 1 single male SG last 3 days…
    the probs is…he keep crabbing when im approch him and even when im feeding him…
    so what should i do..??how to make him tame to me?any advice?



  3. may i know how can we know that a female sugar glider is pregnant?coz my female glider’s stomach seems getting bigger n im not so sure it is pregnant or not…

  4. Hello…i have 1 male glider average age 8 mth. I want to learn more about glider as im planning to get 1 female for him. Kindly update if there is any gathering.


  5. Im having a malnutrition sugar glider which is as small as baby size but she is around 4 months old. pls get back to me asap as i need some help to keep her alive. i dont mind boarding her till she get well. pls contact me asap!!

  6. hey, I was looking to hopefully be able to purchase 2 male sugar gliders (brothers if possible). I am a first time looker and i’ve done a fare bit of research on them and for sure want to learn more. they like they would be like a best friend. please get back to me when you get this so we can chat more. thank you

  7. hi there..may i know what is the big difference between joey first generation and 3rd/4rd,besides its fur?
    because i went for a home breeder.. and he is selling joey based on generation. i haven not look at them yet as i’m going to visit him this sunday..
    please reply asap. thanks for ur concern…

  8. Hi, we have chatted a long time ago when I was still in Uni. Just wanna say Hi and that you are doing a cool thing there. Responsible breeding and selling of pets.

    To bad I am too bz to keep a pet….working life…

    • If you find tha it is expensive, then a glider is not a pet for you. The cage, accessories and all is costly, and if you think giving it RM50 cage and accessories is good, you will make it’s life miserable and sad. So if you find it expensive, then please do not get a glider because it would mean 10 to 15 years of commitment. Get a hamster instead.

  9. I’ve read articles on sugar glider and how to take care of this cute animal.
    For a start, I would like to place an order for a pair of sugar glider and please advice me on this matter. I’m staying in Putrajaya. Tq

    • Hi
      To place an order, it is not easy. I like to meet or get to know the buyer first before any transaction and adoption. So if you are serious, feel free to meet me at Pet Epicure on Sundays which is at Taman Melawati between 1pm to 4pm.

  10. hi, im just wondering how much should a 3 1/2 months female sugar glider weigh? on average? cuz i have a suggie and ive been taking care of her for almost two months now. she doesnt seem to like HPW so much but loves scrambled eggs and chicken. and shes a picky eater too,its hard to get her to eat veggies. i just wanna make sure that her weight is normal for a 3 1/2 months female suggie.

    • Normally my 2 month olds weigh around 40g on average, so at 3.5 months it should be around 50g or more. At 5 months I do see some joeys going to almost 70g and adult should be around 90g or more.

      If she loves scrambled eggs and chicken, you can try feeding GliderSLURP. Some gliders do not like HPW because of the taste and smell of the honey with blended eggs.

  11. hi,

    im ernie from damai laut swiss garden here in perak malaysia,i am a filipino.
    i already have a male suagar glider i named him zenkie,we get along pretty much,the petshop told me he is 3 moths old but according to my judgement he is already 4 or maybe 5moths old,by the time i saw him i already decided to move him away from the pet shop.i bought him for 350 ringgit.the price was expensive!but for me its ok the most important thing is get him out of that reched pet shop.

    now i am constacting him a hanger pad becide my bed,lol

    and i am planing to get another sg female,for his play mate..
    and i also want to get him a new stuffs like new pouch and toys.

    pls if there is an available female zenk and i will be very happy.


  12. hi i am ernie,i am planning to get another Sg(female).
    about 2 1/2 or 3 moths will do,i hope you still have one available for me,pls email me at or sms me at 0103751647.

    and i also want to get another bonding pouch because the one we’ve been using before was lost.


  13. Hi There,

    i have emailed you regarding a vet information. I have a 3 month old female joey that is eating considerably well but shes not growing as much as i thought she would. And she sometime show me a sign of fatigue and then after a few minutes shes alright. I have been having million of thoughts in my head about her and i figured it would be best if i get a vet to check on her.

    Can you advise if there are any vets u know that treats and checks suggies? Please reply to me a.s.a.p cause this not knowing is killing me. I am inlove with both my suggies and i want to give them only the best they can get. I hope you can help me. you are a gem!

    nabiryn 🙂

  14. Hi,
    I have 6 sugar gliders of my own. I started with 2 AND ADOPTED THE OTHER 4. PEOPLE here get them and they are not what they expect and I love them and can’t stand to see them miss treated so i adopted them. I adopted the last to last sunday, they are very friendly, question is the girl seems to be pregnant. Is it okay to have more then one expecting pair in the same cage or should they be in seperate cages?

    • Good that you adopted them. Best advice for you now is to separate as I had experienced before gliders stealing and killing each other’s joeys by digging out from their pouches.

  15. hi.. i own a pair of joeys.. the female is 1 week older than the male.. currently i was feeding my joeys w some apple and pear.. cut fruits.. but the female is looking weak out of a sudden… but the male is still going strong.. any advice..? there isnt any pet store that do with joey in the country im in.. so i need a really good advice here… not malaysian..

    • Only apples and pears? No oither fruits and no supplement protein food? If you are just feeding fruits alone, your glider can become malnourished… and it would lead to health problems and maybe death. Gliders need protein and carbohydrates to stay healthy. Would it be proper for a human to eat only apples and pears? Our muscles would deteriorate and our health would drop and we could end up in the hospital. So do get hold of a good supplement food, HPW or BML or other glider diets.

      • What food is calcium? Do look up in my blog as I have listed fruits that are high in calcium and explaining it in my comment box is simply too long. Also, calcium is a mineral and it is a supplement sold at certain pet shops.

    • Genetics….. blood relations that are too closely related and breed can lead to complications in future generations and who knows what unknown genetic diseases can jump out from the breeding.

  16. hai…i have a pair of male joey keep suck his cock…why is dat happen??is it because he thirsty or he tought that her mother nipples?and he also keep suck niple from my female glider.

    • Are you sure he suck the female’s nipples? Do you know the female’s nipples are inside the pouch which is located at the tummy and the male’s head has to go inside the pouch in order to do that? Also, males tend to play with their penis by using their teeth, which is called flossing. Animals keep their genital areas clean by licking it. Sucking is not the term. If your male keeps licking and act like he is chewing his penis, he could be self mutilating or something is causing him to get irritated, could be infection.

    • Hi. Yes, it is possible to meet my gliders. Just let me know when you can make it to pet epicure and I will bring a few gliders with me when I go there. I’m only at pet epicure on Sundays between 2pm to 4pm.

  17. hi, i just had a new joey last week, she is just 1 month old..
    may i know when should i start trimming it nails and how often do i need to trim it.
    and the most important thing is, can u blog on how to trim suggies’ nails!??
    thanks! 🙂

  18. Hello there crazymouse 🙂

    I am Manissa, and I came across yr blog from google. I’m really keen on adopting one of yr sugar gliders (well myself and my husband Rasyid), i’ve read quite a bit from your blog and i was very very close to purchasing one that was 2 months old from a famous pet store in damansara. they did recommend me to get a puny bird’s cage therefore i was shocked to see that it needed at least a 3ft tall cage. since it’s a nocturnal animal and obviously glides i’ve begun to understand its habits and how we must provide their environment as close to their actual habitat. Please contact me through email because i will be available throughout the month of February to ready myself intellectually for a 15 year long commitment to the sugar gliders.

    We would love to put our caring skills to action and adopting one of yours to be part of family. Do not worry as my husband who will be at home more than i will, will be committing his time and myself gaining as much knowledge as i can. Do get back to me via gmail, and I hope to visit Epicure too view your gliders too one day. I have gone to many many petshops in Selangor and have been wrongly convinced till now. Thanks and your passion for suggies is truly admired.


  19. Hi,

    I have just gotten my sugar glider like 10 days ago. This morning i realize that her breathing is very obvious. Is that normal? As i dont think i have seen her breath like that. And this morning she didnt really want to sleep and just lay down there lazily. She is eating, just not drinking plain water, her nose are pink and ears are pointy after she wakes up for a while.

    I tried feeding her HPW with numerous of method she just doesnt take it. Any suggestion?

    Am suppose to bring her to the vet for wellness check during lunch hour but there was a last minute meeting.

    Which vet can you recommend around PJ area?


  20. hye..

    i just bought a sugar glider.. female.. i was told that my sugar glider is 3months old.. but through my observation.. i think she is still quiet too young.. still shaky and she cant climb properly! i wasnt sure if my room is too cold for her, or she is scared.. when buying.. i was also given a very, very small cage (even for a hamster!) and she mentioned that my sugar glider can live on red apples n dried oats! she kept doing squeaking sounds though i try to pet her and calling her name repatingly..

    being on the sunny-sides, she still wanting to climb her small cage slowly and running around my room in a hamster ball (i borrowed from my friend)

    could you give me ALOT of advice on handling my joey? i really REALLY dont want to lose her! i want to see her grow!

    • hey, i think you should read hun’s blog.. she posted quite a lot of things on the nutrients and all.. you can also purchase her gliderslurp for your sg.. and since you say your sg is shaky, maybe it’s still quite young and young joeys cannot produce their own body heat.. you can try holding her more to give her your own body heat or use bottle water.. and squeaking sound? is it crabbing instead?

  21. Hi hun
    first time leave msg here, hope can have ur reply soon.
    I’m very confuse with HPW n BML

    I would like to feed the Gliderslurp for my glider, because is it natural material.
    I remember is base on BML recipe right?

    so mean the Gliderslurp is same funtion with HPW
    provide the amount of protein that SG need right?

    some told me that Gliderslurp is totally different with BML recipe
    i was shock…now very bery confuse =.=

    sorry if i miss out anythings,
    but really wish can have ur reply soon.
    thank you.

    • GliderSLURP was derived from BML at first, but now it is totally different. You need not be confused, 1 tablespoon of GliderSLURP has 1g of protein while HPW has half that amount in 1 tablespoon. Gliderslurp can replace HPW and BML.

  22. hai…i wan to ask..i just bay a SG.. including this day i just have it 5days..and my SG don`t wan came out of they coconut home..and if i wan to take them out..the meal one is very angry at that a normal??
    i just ask to the Person who sell the SG to..i ask him same question like this..n u know wht he say…. “i don`t know…how about u search on internet” -.-

    • Hi, Sorry about the late reply.
      A coconut home is not suitable for a glider. You will have difficulty getting a joey out of the coconut and also it can cause the glider to become defensive. It is already showing it to you since you said it is angry.
      Please change the coconut, and give a cloth pouch.

  23. sory, please help me..
    i have 3 glider..
    1) Female (1 month++ close to 2 month)
    2) Male (1 month 1/2)
    3) Male 2 month
    My friend wants to buy male glider from me.. I do not know which one wants to sell..
    whether female glider compatible with the smaller age glider??

    • Hi,
      To me, this question you can answer yourself. Which glider is your favourite? Since they are all young, it doesn’t really matter. Compatible or not, you would not be able to know, nor I because this is up to your glider. Gliders can accept one another easily, but the breeding part takes time. Some may breed early, some late, some not at all. But you also have to understand that since you have a male and female, they are bound to breed once they mature so better be ready for joeys in 10 months time.

  24. hey crazymouse,
    im interested in sugar glider for a few weeks now…im still not planing on buying one yet…but i would love to survey the price 1st…so will u be in the Pet Epicure on the two weeks holiday?

    • Hi
      I will be at Pet Epicure this Sunday only. Next Sunday I won’t be free to go to Pet Epicure. I will of course always be at Pet Epicure with a few gliders. I’m usually there betweeen 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. Good that you are planning first before purchasing them.

      • Sorry, but due to my busy schedule, I won’t be able to make it this Sunday. Come find me at MidValley’s Pet World 2011 on 4 and 5 June 2011 instead. Can meet my gliders there.

      • owhh…what a bummer…but that ok..i’ll see if i have time to go at midvalley’s pet world….

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