Another tip about commercial sellers

I think in my last post about the difference between a homebreeder and commercial sellers or agents, I forgot to add some important information. So here they are:


  1. A homebreeder would use original joey pictures for sale.
  2. A homebreeder would not separate the joeys from their parents and chuck them all in one cage.
  3. A homebreeder never sells you a pair at the same time. Homebreeders do not have the sufficient breeding stock to give you a male and female pair at the same time. If this happens and from a homebreeder, it could be brother and sister.
  4. A homebreeder would never boast about his or her gliders come from imported line unless he or she has a certificate to prove such a matter.
  5. Homebreeders never off their joeys in a package deal. Why? Because we homebreeders are not in the pet supply business. Sometimes I may have 1 or 2 extra cages for sale but that is it. I never offer in a package like buy 2 joeys, get free cage and toy and bottle, etc…


Commercial Sellers:

  1. They would sell many joeys at once. All in the same cage, eating mostly apples or papaya or banana.
  2. Commercial sellers would never be able to tell you much about joey behaviour like how it barks and cries at night, how it would react to interaction. They would just say, “super tame” or “sangat jinak dan manja”.
  3. Offer a pair of joeys with all sorts of packages. Even weird food stuff and vitamins.
  4. Commercial sellers would always sell you a male and female pair. They do not care if the joeys are brother and sister.
  5. Commercial sellers sometimes would say their joeys are 100% from Australia. There is no such thing as importing joeys from Australia, the sugar glider trade in Australia is an illegal and banned pet trade.
  6. Commercial sellers would sell their joeys underaged or sometimes small sized joeys with so-called bushy tails.
  7. Apparently one commercial seller is selling joeys base on how bushy their tails are. The fluffier and bushier, the more expensive. The underage and thinner looking tails go cheaper.

So here are some guides. I hope you guys take a good read and spread it to your friends. I have seen too many that have fallen victim to commercial sellers and many innocent joeys living unhealthy lives, some never even live up to a year. So just beware.

Getting sugar gliders online

Hi everyone

Ok, I’m actually in the middle of my higher diploma finals. Since I have finished my theory exams, I got some spare time to blog about what I always fear and stress greatly about getting sugar gliders online.

Yes, I know it can be ironic because I too sell joeys online but the thing about me is that I do it for a hobby, a passion. It has nothing to do with getting an income from it and I do not take advantage of the hobby. IT just makes me so sad to see hundreds of sugar glider joeys are being sold in terrible conditions at times.

Today I was browsing through again, it has become a daily routine for me to browse Mudah…. I don’t go scouting for additional suggies, I already have enough but I keep my eye on the sellers. Many of them use “fake” pictures. What do I mean by fake? They use pictures, sometimes my photos as well…. anyway, pictures that are available from the internet, cheating their buyers into thinking that the picture is showing the original animal itself. Here is one of the most popular pictures used….. now it is a picture of a 2 month OOP joey, but in reality, do they really sell 2 month OOP joeys? Do they even know what is a 2 month OOP joey?

Well, today someone was honest but what I saw disgusted me. The condition of the joeys in the tank with loads of apples? Tsk tsk tsk….. woodshavings….. they are not hamsters. Come on people…..

The age of the joeys, to me they look like they just turn 4 weeks OOP only. Well, at least better than what I saw on the Pet World 2011 where a popular petshop company was selling joeys that were not even weaned off their mom’s milk. Younger than 4 weeks OOP, they looked dehydrated and stressed from the noise and people tapping the glass tank. Sigh…..








Listen people, you can help by just educating your friends, educating people that you see going into pet shops looking for sugar gliders. In fact, start educating people on facebook. There are many sellers doing their sugar glider business on facebook, and I have been trying to educate people there too but my Bahasa Malaysia is kinda crappy LOL. Anyway, just tell people to avoid buying cheap sugar gliders. The cheaper they are, the higher chances of getting an underage joey. So do spread the word.

Oh yah, I think one day sugar gliders may go extinct in Indonesia in a few years time. Suppliers are supplying sugar gliders to glider farms by the hundreds per shipping, they are dirt cheap there and every mass breeder in Thailand, Malaysia and even Japan I think are trying to get hold of as many wild adults for their breeding facility. So stop the demand for joeys from mass breeders.

Ok now, back to my studies.

Sugar gliders from Thailand?

It’s been kinda crazy lately. I see adverts popping up especially in of sellers trying to sell off joeys as 100% fully imported sugar gliders from Australia. Hey guys, I already wrote an article on when Australia banned sugar glider exportation. Our sugar gliders are all from Indonesia, some maybe from Papua New Guinea. Then how about Thailand? Gliders are not native animals from Thailand, they get their stock from Indonesia as well.

Again, bear in mind, a hobbyist home breeder can never churn up 20 to 30 sugar glider joeys in a week or a month. I own 30 adults, and I only get a few joeys in a few months, in a year I may end up having close to 12 joeys for sale but most often less because I do not practice overbreeding nor force breeding. Commercial mass breeders do force breeding by taking the joeys away at too young of an age, then feeding loads of cat food to boost protein intake to make them breed. In the end what happens? Unhealthy joeys and breeding adult gliders that die in 3 years. Pitiful.

Here are some facts:

Sugar glider joeys are white, grey and black in colour. They will change their colour a bit as they grow older, depending on the shade of natural grey to brown tinting.

Sugar gliders start breeding at 10 months old. So people saying Indonesian gliders do not breed at 1 year old, rubbish, full of fake facts.

Sugar gliders that are properly bred are tame. Underage joeys are always tame because they are so blur and scared that they just never bite or fight back.

Please do not get cheated by these new “so called authentic suppliers or sellers”. What they are selling is false advertising to make you believe in them so that you would buy. Heck, the joeys are even going for RM200. If it is fully imported, I would sell it for RM400 because the permit to import is high, the license to obtain from overseas and dealers is high as well. If the price is low, it means the sugar gliders were illegally smuggled or all brought from indonesia because the cost price for a glider from Indonesian suppliers is like what, RM50 a joey……

Australian or Indonesian???

I think it was either a few days ago or a week ago that I saw an ad in on Australian sugar gliders. This person, the commercial seller was proudly advertising that his sugar glider joeys are 100% imported from Australia and they will always stay grey are tamer than Indonesian sugar gliders and breed faster.

Do you want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Sugar gliders are native to yes, Australia, Indonesia and also Papua New Guinea. Sugar gliders that are imported for our pet trade are basically coming from Indonesia. Why? It is cheaper and easier to get and sell to Asian countries. There are a few illegally smuggled gliders from Papua New Guinea, rarely from Australia because they are banned pets in Australia and the government banned export of sugar gliders since 1969, Parliment of Australia on pets

About being tamer and grey….. rubbish. Sugar gliders that have been properly bred and handled are tame, but proper age joeys are very independent and when they are handled by new people, they may show signs of defending themselves by crabbing, swipping their claws at you and even biting if you mishandle them or scare them crazy. Underage joeys, which are normally sold these days by unethical sellers, are so blur, so inexperience and so baby-like that they do not know how to defend themselves nor give a proper crab or bite, so they appear more “cute and baby-like”, which of course brings about so many impulse buys. Sugar gliders taken from the wild would of course be wild and untame. Sugar gliders born in captivity and never handled before will of course be wild just like a wild caught sugar glider. So this person advertising saying they are super tame, rubbish rubbish rubbish. All just a gimmick to sell more gliders to inexperience people.

Grey, our sugar gliders are the natural grey wild colour. All joeys start out with a very even deep grey coat of fur. As they grow older, they can change their fur colour, this depends on their parentage. I have gliders who are adults and stay their true grey, I have adults that have a yellow tint not from staining but its natural pigment. I have gliders that a a lil brown from staining. This all depends on the way you keep and also diet. Mostly breeding gliders would stain a bit. The colour can vary, some gliders can stay grey, some would develop a brownish tint or a yellowish tint. Those that develop a brownish tint or yellowish tint tend to have a creamy coloured face.

Then how about sugar gliders from the American pet trade? I know that in Malaysia, a few commercial breeders have imported sugar gliders of a few colours from the US. But they are keeping them only for breeding and we may not be getting any different coloured gliders so soon because they may not be breeding according to genetic research in colour breeding but from their own “experience or knowledge”. Anyway, they end up with many normal coloured gliders, which can be het or not het, means carry the colour gene or not at all. So these get sold off into the market or just sold of to other breeders to just breed more gliders. So some of us, may have a few that could be related to some glider from Papua New Guinea or America.

Do understand, we have gliders that are majority from Indonesia. No one has the rights or permits or license to legally import sugar gliders from Australia. If that person has it, that person should prove me wrong and post up his permit to legally show that he is indeed legally getting from Australia. If not, please do not support the illegal smuggling of sugar gliders.

Why? I will explain in another article.

Beware of Fakers

Bonjour from France!

I miss everyone terribly, especially my gliders. But for everyone who is curious as to how my suggies are doing, well, need not to worry.  My parents have been very supportive and have been helping me with taking care of all my gliders, along with my friend Connie. So they have been helping me with making sure people got their joeys and of course have a steady supply of GliderSLURP around.

Anyway, I would like to warn people about fakers. Recently there has been some adverts in, with people…. fake people using my pictures for their sales of sugar glider joeys and adults. Please beware of these fakers. They are not using their real glider pictures and may be cheating money off you into thinking their gliders are healthy.

I have reported some of the ads… but not much can be done. So to my fellow readers, do becareful of people trying to cheat online. I know many have fallen into the trap.

I only get internet connection once a week, so it’s quite hard to find time to update the blog but I will try my best. Anyway, till next time.


Yah…. I know, these past few articles from me have been only words and words and more words. I will get some pictures up soon.

Anyway, I just wanna talk about how depressing it is these days. I think there are many gliders and joeys suffering out there…. Why? Well, one thing for sure is MANY people are getting the wrong information about sugar gliders.

First of all, I have heard 1 owner said he will use hamster cage. Why? Because it saves space and it is such a small animal, so why bother to give it such a big cage? Waste space only….. OMG…. pretty dumb and I pity the glider…..

Next would be the usage of wood shavings. Some sellers go about advising people that wood shavings is the best because it will absorb the urine of the glider and keep it clean. What the …… so wrong. Wood shavings, especially pine shavings that is available at all pet stores, if quite dangerous to their health since the phenols leak out of the wood and gets in the air.

Another stupid advice…. The usage of aquarium. They say putting a glider in an aquarium is better coz the glider would feel less stressed since cannot see any bars, and then it is cleaner to keep because all the shit and pee is inside the aquarium or glass exo terra tanks. And it looks so pretty and exotic looking. Dumb Dumb man…. sugar gliders are neither fish nor reptiles, so do not use tanks or aquariums.

Another favourite advice….. gliders do not drink water. So no need water bottle, just leave an apple in the cage and it will be enough. Oh, and feed cat food and mealworms. Rubbish advice. If a glider eats only apples, dry cat food and mealworms only then it’s lifespan will be shorten drastically. I give it 2 years only…. pity the gliders….. Some sellers would also say do not feed other fruits because it can kill a glider of cause it to become sick, so apples should only be given….. Wow, such a pitiful diet and such a painful life…..

So people, do be wise. Don’t think of the easy way out when keeping gliders, don’t think they are easy to keep and don’t get a glider because you find it is cute but you cannot afford it.

Cheap gliders can be unhealthy gliders. Look at…. so many rubbish sellers, especially those trying to sell joeys in packages.


Again, I will rant out my opinion on how much I dislike people selling sugar gliders therse days.

Again…. it is the package system.

Hellooooooo…. why must a joey come with biscuits, shampoo and vitamin? What shampoo? Gliders do not need wet baths so why shampoo shampoo shampoo????? And biscuit….. butter cookies? LOL…. I’m positively sure it’s IAMS cat food or some cheapo brand that’s not worth buying. Money money money…. because packages sound attractive, newbies would obviously buy and then get cheated. Poor joey. Pity the joeys….. They get lame food and lame advice, lame supplements and lame shampoo.

Be wise. don’t support these people. Spread the word and educate those that are interested in getting gliders.

Pet Classifieds again…. sigh

Again, it saddens me that people…. I dunno how they use their senses but it breaks my heart to see how they go all out to sell their joeys.

I frequent OK, I’m a daily browser, coz there are always lots of nice bargains to see, but then it is heart-breaking to see so called homebreeders trying to sell of their joeys.

One of today’s ads hit me greatly. Here is the information of the ad:

SUGAR GLIDER (Female, 1½ month old ) – 2½ weeks out of pouch
Home breed, Health RM280 (Fixed Price)
Can Pick up this weekends (pls tell me a place to meet)
PJ, SS2, Sunway, Damansara Utama/Jaya & etc

How can he or she, sell a joey that is only 2 and half weeks old? The poor joey is not even weaned!!!!! What the….. “toot”….. And the pictures that were attached, the joey actually has no fluff on the tail at all. The eyes just opened in less than a week. Rat tail joey, and this person wants to sell it so fast…. Why? WHY? WHY sell it at such a young age?

A joey shouldn’t be forced to wean from mom’s milk. I have seen so called “professional breeders” snatching the joeys away from their mom at 2.5 weeks OOP, then force feed using syringe or dropper with puppy or kitten replacement milk. Is that healthy? Dogs, cats, humans…. it is fine if they do not get mom’s milk because there is a bountiful of milk replacements in the market that can help them stay healthy, but their immunity will always be weaker than those breast-fed. How about joeys? Sugar gliders do not have milk replacements selling at every pharmacy or pet shop. So come on, think logic. If a breeder or seller is trying to sell a joey, with pictures of it drinking from a syringe or they mention to you to feed milk, forget about these sellers. Worthless mindless money minded greedy sellers…..

The truth behind the “sugar glider set” sales…

I am sure many of you have read classifieds on the internet where there is always this kind of offer:

Sugar glider set for sale. Comes with cage, roller wheel, biscuits, shampoo and coconut.


Sugar glider pair for sale. Add RM** for a cage, roller wheel, bonding pouch, spray shampoo and biscuits.

Then there are some trying to gain more newbie buyers to their doorstep by advertising themselves as “professional sugar glider breeders” that apparently have homebred sugar gliders that are readily available, any time, any sex and ages between 2 to 2.5 months. Sure ke?

I’m a homebreeder myself and I don’t have joeys readily available when you just give me a call. No proper homebreeder would have joeys always available, especially at same ages and different sex. If that person has more than 20 pairs, that’s a mass producer or mass breeder already, no point calling homebreeder. Homebreeding is where it is done on a small scale, breeding for quality and for sound animals, not for quantity. By offering sugar glider cage sets, these sellers actually are attracting people to get a wonderful best buy. Unfortunately, many fall for this and in the end gain many disappointing experiences.

So the truth, all these advertisements all over are plainly from mass breeders, suppliers or agents. The cage that normally comes in a set are always hamster cages with a very small wheel. The biscuits are actually catfood or dogfood. The shampoo is a very low quality local brand of shampoo that is not tested properly, so it could just be perfumed water or just loaded with cleaning chemicals. And coconut? This is bad especially for newbies. Many have asked me why we shouldn’t use coconuts. Ok, my answer is this:

When using a coconut as a hide for your gliders, you must understand that the joey or glider would always hide in it when you come near them if they are not bonded or scared of you. Then being a new person to gliders, you take out the coconut and try to shake them out. By doing so, you stress the glider, causing them to be tramautized by the shaking and action. And they will be even more determined to stay inside the coconut and not come out at all. Then being very frustrated, you poke your finger in to try and move the joey or glider around. For sure this will lead to a painful bite that could draw blood.

So? Does that answer the question?

You guys are welcome to comment on this article.

Let us compare

I decided to compare a few pictures of 2 month old OOP joeys that I gathered from the Internet and pictures of my joeys.

Joey pictures from some classifieds claiming they are 2 months OOP.

And here are my 2 month old OOP joeys

So can see the difference? Hopefully newbies will take this as a guide, and stay away from buying underage joeys.