My variation gliders

OK…. yes yes, I have been delaying this alot….. but anyway, I would like to make an official post on my coloured babies.

I managed to get hold of a very handsome boy. He is a White Face Blonde (WFB) that is 50% het cremino. Previously owned by J&J Gliders, I bought over and now, Turbo, as he is named, is living with me. Oh yah, he now already has 3 joeys, which are all greys  but possibility of carrying 25% het cremino genes. Well, tell will all be under a new breeding project once they are old enough. Currently he is paired with Tippy, my white tipped glider and Chickadee, my classic grey glider.

Turbo is imported from the USA. Usually, depending on what het a WFB carries, they can cost anything from RM2.5k to RM3.8k. A WFB is a white face variation, where the black band behind the ears and the bib below the neck is missing. Normal grey variation glides have it.

Look at that clownish and oh so gorgeous face. He is very dominant and protective over his colony. Marking all over wit

h his strong musky male smell hahahah….


Then my other variation glider is a female. She is pure white, a leucistic with mosaic background, so her ears are not 100% pink. But anyway, it was always a dream for me to have a fully white glider with deep dark black eyes. So I actually got hold of my dream glider! Her name is Nuala, it means White Haired in Welsh I think…. I forgot hahahaha….. anyway, she is a very pretty one. Her OOP date is 03 October 2011. Got her home on New Years Day. She is also fully imported from the USA. I actually was real lucky coz I wanted a white mosaic at first, but it must have been fate that I had the opportunity to have Nuala. Again, thanks to J&J Gliders for getting her to Malaysia.  A leucistic glider can cost anything between RM7k to Rm10k. A leu glider is basically pure white, with normally pink ears or very mild grey ears, have not a single grey hair and no markings on the body. Just pure white with black eyes. Different from an albino and they are mutation, which is sometimes called Black Eyed White Glider.

Now she is slightly at first shy, but once she warms up to her environment, she is just an adventurer. She adores mealworms and yogurt drops. Nuala has a bad habit of not grooming herself, since she is now living alone because I am waiting to pair her up with Turbo, I have become her groomer so quite often I have to use a tooth brush to brush her coat and use wet wipes to wipe her grubby ears.




Article pile up soon.

Hi everyone, real sorry that I have not updated for such  long tme. It’s all due to my project in September…. I entered Culinaire Malaysia 2011, under Nonya Heritage catogery with a team and after gruelling days and nights of practice and work, we made it and won silver. Hahaha… oh well, that kinda explains why I have not been updating anything lately. My assignments have also made a pile on my desk so that would be another thing to tackle.

Anyway, I have loads of articles to share soon. Oh, and if you are an avid reader of Petster magazine, do get hold of October’s issue, I wrote on Sugar Glider sickness and diseases.

I will also be having a sales page soon as I have some sugar glider pouches and bags to sell. Stay tuned Folks!

Thanks for the support

Thank you guys for the support you all have given me throughout these 6 years. I was once a newbie that didn’t know anything about gliders but through the years I have learnt a lot about sugar gliders and about breeding them.

Many have given me calls, emails and SMSes, wanting sugar glider joeys. Just a gentle reminder, I’m not a commercial breeder so my joeys are limited. For now, all joeys are fully booked till end of the year. Will most likely, but I cannot promise this, most likely will have a few joeys in January or February. If you would like to get a joey from me, you have to be patient and understand my terms and conditions. Respect my T & C and I will respect you.

Anyway, big thanks to all my friends and customers for believing in me. You guys are the best.

Busy month

Real sorry guys, but I will only be able to update the blog next week onwards. Been so busy. I know you all are eagerly waiting for pictures so…. just be patient.


A slow loris is not a sugar glider

Recently a suggie group in facebook had members that started to want to get a slow loris as a pet. They said it looks cute, furry, with big round eyes and moves so slow that it appears comical and adorable.

Humans, we just love to take any animal as a pet huh? I like all sorts of animals, I onced worked at Sunway Interactive Wildlife Zoo and had the chance of introducing the slow loris to people. Yes, indeed they are very cute but we must understand, not all animals can be taken as pets. The slow loris is a protected animal, it requires a license under Perhilitan in Malaysia. Anyone caught with a slow loris without a license can be fined up to RM200,000 or even jailed for a short period.

Do they make good pets? No…. a BIG no…. I have heard about slow lorises biting their owners, and the bite is not something like a glider. It is very painful, 10 times more painful than a glider. To me, a slow loris is not an exotic pet, to me, it is more of a wild animal which belongs in the wild or the zoo. Some may say, sugar gliders are also wild and belong in the wild…. yes, that may be true but sugar gliders have been in the pet trade for more than 20 years, already there are products, food source and even books writted about sugar gliders as pets. There are none on slow lorises as pets.

Don’t believe that they are a protected species? Check this out …. Slow Loris in the news

Facts about the slow loris:

  • They are nocturnal
  • Omnivores with their diet mainly on insects and snails besides fruits.
  • They mark their territory with urine. Believe me, it is super stinky as I had to work near slow lorises when I was at the zoo.
  • They have venom glands at their elbows. It won’t kill you but give you an extremely painful bite. Yes, some people practice pulling its teeth out but that is just plain cruelty. Would you like me to pull out all your teeth but your molars so you can at least still chew some food? No rite?
  • They are an endangered species.
  • They have strong arms that can move at lightning speed if they need to catch their prey but they generally move slowly most of the time.
  • They can live for 20 years. Are you sure you can give that kind of commitment when you can’t even commit to a glider for 10 years?

It’s just sad to see that people these days do not think about the concequences of getting wild animals as pets. I like snakes, but I settled for a corn snake instead of a cobra coz a cobra could kill me. It’s also a snake but I rather be safe then get killed by one. So stick to safe pets. Sugar gliders are safe to keep in Malaysia, does not require any permits or special licenses yet and they are fairly easy to keep if you have done your research. Let Wild animals, especially endangered ones like the slow loris stay wild.

Why do I like sugar gliders?

Last month I was in The Star newspaper, well, I was interviewed about why I keep exotic pets. It was an article on female reptile hobbyist, hahaha…. so the reporter threw me this question, why do you like reptiles? So now I ask myself, why do I like sugar gliders?

I think I was born with a soft spot for animals. When I was 2 years old, my grandma gave me a pair of rabbits. I grew up with pets around me. At first it was the usual domestic pets like hamsters, rabbits, dogs and cats…. but then my interest grew. I wanted to be different, at first it was merely being a kid who was greedy, who wanted an unique pet but then it grew into passion. Friends sort of introduced me to the wild side…. I started of course with tarantulas, frogs, snakes, geckos…. I still have these at home as pets but when one day, back in 2005, my friends Connie and Andrew came over and placed a joey in my hands, I was smitten by those huge eyes, cute leathery ears and pink nose. All those caught me by my heart. Was it love at first sight? I still have no idea.

I started out with Kiah I, she was my first glider but I lost her back in 2006 after an accident. Back then in 2005, there was no one to guide me on caring for glider. There were no vets, not many pet shops carried them too. I was so lost. Research helped but the care people give in the US is slightly different, especially the food. My friends and I kept on experimenting till we finally found the best formula, that was how GliderSLURP came about and till today, it is still very successful. Ok, back to the point, I like sugar gliders because they are totally different from any other animal that I have ever kept. These little marsupials are special. Firstly, very smart, bonds well with their owners, is easy to carry around and my one favourite reason, keeping them is a challenge to me. Everyday, I see them as a challenge. They give me a reason to continue sharing information, having this blog up. They give me the drive to help new people who are lost. Back then I had no one to turn to, now, people at least have someone to seek for advice.

I’m not a professional. No way. I just am very passionate about sugar gliders. I studied about their care from numerous blogs, web articles and websites. It so happens that this is my interest. My parents thought that I wasn’t serious but after they had read my blog and noticed that I spend alot of time with random people, guiding these people on how to care for their gliders, only then did they realize that my interest for sugar gliders was deep.

This hobby has given me a purpose I guess. Yes, sometimes it is stressful but I just love sugar gliders. It is amazing to see and have such a small animal, developing a bond with you and is able to recognize you as a friend than a predator. To me, they are a challenge. That’s my reason why I like sugar gliders.

No time to take care…..

A pity I’m seeing this kind of reason all over the internet. I see classifieds on all the popular advertisement site for pets, with people giving up their gliders or joeys between 3 months to 1 year old. And all of them are single gliders or joeys….. a pity because all the same reason, NO TIME TO TAKE CARE…..

When you get a pet, you should take care of it. You should have realized and studied about sugar gliders so that you would have known these animals need constant attention from their owners. Some even complain coz this animal is nocturnal so they cannot stay up late to play with their gliders. OMG, that is such a lame excuse.

With the recent popularity of sugar gliders all thanks to that TV segment on how cute sugar gliders are, many people have bought on impulse. Commercial sellers have been super happy reaping in profit from all their underage joeys, even though they sell at RM200, they are gaining volume in sales. Then the people have been misinformed that sugar gliders are EASY pets to take care coz they just eat fruits like apples. Sigh….. sad indeed…..

Just go to and other favourite pet forums. Look at the classifieds, how many do you see people selling single sugar gliders? How many are saying they do not have time to take care? How many are selling in 1 whole single set with all the pouches and accessories? So guys, be wise….. if you choose to get a sugar glider as a pet, do take note that they can live to 10 years or more. They require daily interaction, and companionship from their owners. They require a variety of fresh food stuff. Even those that are living away from home, please bring your sugar gliders along with you if possible. Separation from you, especially if it is a single glider, can be very stressful and a glider can get sick from depression.

The power of television

Wow, I just checked my site stats today and I’m totally shocked by the number of views on Saturday, 2 July 2011. Almost 700 views in 1 day!!!!! Well, for those of you who are curious, it is because local television program, Majalah 3 did an interview on some sugar glider owners.

I watched the segment and I’m pretty angry and disappointed at how Majalah 3 did the interview. There was no information about proper sugar glider nutrition or care. It was poorly managed. I’m saying this from my point of view because I do not want people to get sucked into obtaining sugar gliders cause it is cute. Yes, the whole tv interview was basically focusing on how cute, portable and adorable the sugar glider is, never highlighting about health issues, diet issues. I think I even heard someone say keeping sugar gliders is easy. Anyway, people said that the TV station cut and minus out all the proper information. Well, TV is TV, they wanna just attract the crowd, never caring about what would happen after the program is aired.

Wanna know what happened? Sugar glider demand and sales sky rocketed. So many recently bought underaged joeys and are now crying in forums and groups about how to care for their joeys. I too was getting the effect. I got many SMS and emails about people wanting joeys from me. I can tell from their short messages that they are just getting on impulse, all thanks to Majalah 3.

It’s fine if you want to popularize the hobby, but my number one aim whenever I do interviews is to firstly make sure that people understand that keeping sugar gliders is demanding, not easy and veterinary care is hard to come by, especially for people not in KL. Share with your friends about the complications that sugar gliders can get, share with people the diet and nutrition, share about the common mistakes people do and what sickness sugar gliders get. That should be the number one aim with media interviews. I do know some are trying to get a little 15 minutes of fame to gain popularity and to boost their business.

I remembered getting interviewed by The Star newspaper, I mentioned that I’m a breeder but I do not openly sell suggies. I try to educate people, this is why I started this blog. All my experience, my learnings everything that I know about sugar gliders go into this blog. I rarely advertise my joeys for sale. You won’t see me in or or online classifieds. If you do, is mainly to have my blog address posted so more people can read and learn about keeping sugar gliders.