Cutie Pet Fair 2011

Please click onto the Events Page for details on this year’s Cutie Pet Fair 2011. There will be a sugar glider talk on both days. As usual, free grooming and sugar glider consultation on that day.

Because of this coming event happening on the weekends, I won’t be around at Pet Epicure Taman Melawati on this Sunday (9 Oct 2011)

Appointment Page

In the recent months, I have received many people coming to find me at Pet Epicure for my free consultation services and grooming. Thank you coming and I’m glad that I have helped many people with their problems.

I will open an Appointment Page in my blog so that you guys will know when and what time I will be at Pet Epicure as well as with the address and map. I will update with exact dates. So stay tuned!

A bargain that you shouldn’t miss….

It’s been awhile…. I actually finished my final exams but things just keep popping up that I have not had time to take pictures of my joeys to update their future owners. I apologise….. You will get to see them next week, I promise hehehehe…..

Anyway, I just had to talk about this great deal. Now, I am not paid in any way to write this, I’m just sharing this wonderful bargain. Oh yes, next week, I will be writing a new category on PRODUCT REVIEWS. Yups, many have asked me about reviewing items and to post about them. So stay tuned…..

Alright, back to the bargain. Now I’m sure you guys have noticed that there is a new product in town for gliders….. ChubbyPetsGarden has recently launched a new product, called HPW Diet Ready. I know some may have mentioned on the internet that it is a copycat of the also new Bugsy product HPW Complete. Well, it is not at all. HPW Diet Ready was created and launched before HPW Complete was marketed in Malaysia, so there was no way to copy the other brand’s product. I have tried both products already, and they are different. CPG HPW Diet Ready, to be honest, I was at first skeptical of trying it because I don’t really like the amount of honey going into the blended version, but the new HPW Diet Ready is quite unique. And guess what? My gliders LOVE IT!!!! The most awesome thing about this is that it is just super easy to make, and 100% instant. Just mix with warm water, and it is ready. The consistancy is just like your blended version of HPW, and I did get a hint of powdered cereal and grain in it, so your glider would be getting some good carbohydrate and fiber to it’s diet.

Good news now…. ChubbyPetsGarden is now having their 3rd Anniversary sale, so they are giving away a superb gift…… buy 12 packets of HPW Diet Ready and you get……. a free Wodent Wheel Senior!!! That’s like RM105, given to you free with just buying your glider’s diet. Too good to be true….. So do not wait, grab your wheel now.


HPW Diet Ready promotion

If you are a loyal fan of the normal HPW, the promotion is also available but you have to buy 14 packets.

Again, as a reminder, I’m a fellow consumer. I am not paid by the CPG company in any money or kind, nor am I sponsored by them.

Pet World Malaysia 2011

The pet event of the year is here again. Of course, I will be there. If you would like to meet me and my gliders, do try locating me. I will be hanging out at Petster Booth and of course around the area. Look out for me as I will be wearing something that would attract your attention. Anyway, do not miss these dates!

Saturday and Sunday would be open to the public.

Cutie Pet Fair 2010

This year, Cutie Pet Fair 2010 will be held again at Central Park, Bandar Utama.

Too bad it is on 9 and 10 October. I was invited to do a talk on Sugar Gliders but I won’t be able to attend since I will be flying off to France for my industrial training on 8 October 2010.

So, I will be having my good friend Connie to represent me as the speaker. She will be giving a talk on sugar gliders base on my information and also with my gliders so feel free to visit the fair to listen to the talk. Connie has been a pet glider owner for 4 years and she was the person who introduced gliders to me.

Connie will be giving the short talk starting at 4pm. She will be there on both Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to ask her some questions and maybe she will be able to give you a little nail trimming session for your suggie. Oh, GliderSLURP may be available for sale too if Chia makes it. So don’t be late!

Event: Cutie Pet Fair 2010
Location: Central Park, 1 Utama Shopping Mall
Date: October 9 & 10, 2009 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 10am – 6pm

Come and meet me…

From tomorrow (Friday) till Sunday, Midvalley Mega Mall will be having the Super Home Idea Renovation Expo 2010 30 July – 1 August 2010.

I will be helping my friend at her booth, and she has allowed me to have a little glider display cage there. Of course, I will be there, but only on Saturday and Sunday.

If you would like to learn more about gliders, then drop by and have a little chat with me during the event. My contact is 012-2274728 if you happen to be lost and can’t find me.

This Weekend, you will get to meet Jen, Kiah and joey Meera.

Pet World Malaysia 2010

Pet World Malaysiais here again, big pet event. Maybe the biggest event for pet lovers. Anyway, normally KP from Exotic Pets Ink and I would share a booth but this year the timing just ain’t right for us. My finals… like I said before…. my last exams before I graduate is on that very same week. In fact, my exams start on 24 and it ends on 30th June. Such luck… anyway, although I will not be participating with a booth, I will be enjoying just 1 day of carefree pet browsing at the event.

Catch me there on Saturday. I will of course have a few gliders with me so look out for my bonding pouches. Reanne and I will be there with our gliders so if you would like to meet us or come handle our gliders for a bit, just drop me a call on 26 June 2010.


Today, Suggies At Home had another memorable moment. If you read The Star newspaper, 3 ethical breeders were featured in todays Weekender Article written by Ms Ellen Whyte. It was a wonderful article that focused on ethical pet breeders.

The other 2 were Tim from and Alicia from So grab a copy of the paper today. I’m the one posing with Kuno, my male sugar glider. I will get a scanned copy or something up soon for those who did not manage to get the paper. Anyway, I’m very happy. Thank you Ellen for the opportunity to be featured in the papers.

Edited: Thank you Tim from for sending me the links for a scanned copy of the interview.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia

Yes, strange title for my post today but shocking to me. I can’t believe Suggies At Home will be on TV. Yes, you heard me, KP, who is from Exotic Pets Ink and I will have a special slot on the program. We will be interviewed in Bahasa Malaysia, so cross my fingers, I’m still able to speak in proper malay hahaha.

Anyway, if you happen to be an early bird on Sunday, 16 May 2010, tune in to RTM1, or if Astro, Channel 101. What time? 8.05am to 9am. Most likely we will be on air, LIVE at around 8.35am or 8.45am.

I’m now simply nervous. But the stars of the show will be our gliders.

PS: Thanks for the support guys. And thank you Rafiq.

Sugar Glider Talk

Here is an update about the upcoming event I mentioned earlier.

SuggiesAtHome got invited to give a 1 hour talk on sugar gliders during the Cutie Pet Fair that will be held at Central Park, One Utama on the 21 and 22 November 2009.

Admission is free.

I will be touching on some interesting topics, basics like what is a glider and so on. There will be a bit of show and tell as I will be bringing products to show as well as my gliders. Look forward in meeting Kiah, Keera, Kuno, Naya, Salem, Jinx and a number of other gliders from other glider owners. A good chance for newbies and people who are interested to know more about them.

If you have gliders that needs nail clipping, don’t worry. I will be providing FREE nail clipping for any sugar glider.

How about time?

My talk will be from 2pm to 3pm on both days.

Cutie Pet Fair 2009 is a charity event. Do come with your pets and support this event that helps homeless and unwanted pets. This is Malaysia’s Biggest Adoption Drive.