Home Sweet Home

I am back from France. YESSSS!!!! Home sweet home. 3 months of being away from my gliders was a painful thing to do but I had to complete my industrial training.

Anyway, I am super thankful to my parents for giving me such support. My dad was my sugar glider caretaker, he did so much and he even supplied GliderSLURP when I wasn’t around. He really is my saviour here as he has helped me so much eventhough he is very busy with his job.

Anyway, thank you also to Connie and Andrew for they have been coming over to my place during the weekends to check on my gliders.

When I came back, I got a HUGE SHOCK. My gliders got busy duiring my 3 months away, and I was surprised with 10 joeys. Yes, you heard, 10 joeys…. It’s a joey boom! 3 have been booked so I have 7 left. If you think you can handle a joey, do email me. I do not want to hear stories like “I’m a student and I have no money so please give me a joey for free” crap or things like I want to get it as a gift. I’m looking for good homes, coming from good honest people.

Suggie Adoption

I have seen many people using the search words like “sugar gliders for sale in Malaysia” or “Free sugar glider adoption”

Please understand that sugar gliders are exotic pets and are rarely free to any home. If they are for free, then it would mean the previous owner would grill you like crazy to make sure you are the right owner for it.

My friend Reanne has a few sugar gliders for adoption but they are charged RM150. Why RM150? This fee is not to be used to spend on luxuries and items for herself. The RM150 is the fee for Neutering. Why neuter? It is to avoid breeding and overpopulation plus less of a headache because males do smell when they musk.

Try to understand, if ever I have any gliders for adoption, I would make sure it goes to the right person and it will mean I would need to know the living environment, living space, your past experience with pets, cage size and your living expenses. We do not play around with life here. Sugar gliders deserve to live in a loving environment and if possible, with the same people for the rest of their lives. So don’t get pissed or offended if we ask many questions or may not let you adopt our gliders. We are just looking for the best home.

And don’t ask why we want the males to be neutered.

If you would like to adopt, email me at crazymouse.yoong@gmail.com and give me an introduction about yourself.

Sugar Glider Adoption!

Just like the topic title, there are 3 sugar gliders for adoption from my friend, Reanne.

Here is her message to interested adopters:

My grandfather is moving in with my family due to medical reasons and I am forced to prepare space for him so I have to let go some of my pets to better homes. Terms and conditions apply. Some are with adoption fees and some are FOC, but each adopter MUST provide me with background information such as working/studying what and where, location, schedule, current pets etc.

Adopter must also provide me information about what cage/tank is prepared for them, what diet will they be on, how is the schedule, and last but not least, give me reasons to why you want to adopt the pet. I reserve the right to reject unsuitable candidates or anyone I do not see fit to care for their needs. Exotic pets are not like cats and dogs, they need more time and have more specific needs to their care.

The adoption is not very urgent but I’m not in a hurry to let go of them so expect lots of questions and extensive screening. Do your basic research and if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you CANNOT answer the basic questions like ‘What do they eat?’, you will be REJECTED without question as it proves you have NOT done your homework and therefore are NOT serious in adopting/caring for the animal in question. (I have had ppl call that could not answer this question and expected me to just adopt it to them straight away. Doesn’t make any sense right?

Strict terms and conditions.

1. Selling the adopted animal is not allowed.
2. Breeding the adopted animal is not allowed unless with permission.
3. Please inform me if you can no longer care for the animal and wish to re-adopt it to someone else. Provide me with the contact of the person and some basic info on the next adopter.
4. Harming the adopted animal in any way is definitely not allowed.
5. If the animal dies for any reason or even without any reason, please inform me and if the cause of death is unknown, I will arrange for an autopsy. Store the body in the fridge, not the freezer please.


Type of Pet : One Male sugar glider with adoption fee.

Name : None

Age : No age estimation but adult and been with me for 4 months +

Temperament : Nervous but stones a lot, sometimes he’s like a rock. Crabs somewhat when irritated. Can be tamed with TLC.

Details : Rescued together with Gollum, this boy was also kept in the same conditions but does not have any damage to his face or any other body parts. Now fed a good diet and have not shown any signs of sickness or problems.

Not bred before and should be neutered.


Type of Pet : One Female Sugar Glider with adoption fee.

Name : Tina

Age : No age estimation but adult and been with me for 4 months +

Temperament : Kinda crabby and very nervous but can be tamed with TLC.

Details : Rescued together with Gollum and the other male glider, she was kept in the same conditions and half her nose had been bitten off like Gollum. Same as the other 2, she does not show any sign of sickness or problems. Fed an equally good diet.

Not bred before and recommended not to breed in the future.


Type of Pet : One Female Sugar Glider with adoption fee. STRICTLY NO BREEDING.

Name : Jelly

Age : Roughly 3 years. Has been with me for 7+ months

Temperament : Tame, can bond with time.

Details : She is also a rescued glider but not from the same home as Gollum and the others. She was bought solely as a breeder and couldn’t produce healthy joeys due to lack of nutrition which resulted in the death of both joeys. In the end the owner decided to get rid of her. Her cage was filthy and sticky, reeked of months of pee and poo and mold was growing at the bottom on the cage. She now lives in a clean cage with good food. When I got her she already had 2 joeys IP and the previous owner couldn’t even see it though the lumps were humungous. For some reason I think she cannot nurse the joeys well even with lots of protein and supplements in her diet and abandoned one. Even so, her remaining joey did not grow as big as compared to a normal joey.

She has proven not able to support joeys so she should not be housed with any unneutered male. Female to female pairing or to a neutered male only. Kept singly until bonded is even better.


Reanne is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her contact is 012-6165997. No SMSes, only deal through calls. She tends to be strict with who adopts her pets, so be prepared with information and knowledge about glider keeping. The gliders offered for adoption are STRICTLY not for breeding at all. They are not fit to have joeys and it would be cruel and dreadful for them to breed as it is a risk to their health.

BoBo will have a happy home

A big thank you to everyone who had view BoBo’s adoption post. I’m happy that Eka and her sister would like to adopt him. Now I can rest easily, knowing that BoBo would get a good and happy home.

Anyway, BoBo will be neutered before he goes to Eka and her sis. I will be making an appointment with Dr Jenny from Hands and Paws clinic.

Handsome BoBo needs a new home.

This is BoBo, a male sugar glider that needs a new home. He is one of the first few joeys that I sold about 1.3 years ago. BoBo is 1.5 years old and needs a new home as his current owner has not been able to provide him with the attention a glider should need. Therefore she is giving him up for a better home.

BoBo is semi-tame and has lived alone since he was a joey. He would need a loving home with people who have the commitment and time to re-bond and tame him. This would be a challenge for newbies so preferably someone with some experience in handling gliders. BoBo is a very energetic male, hyper most of the time and he has been on a diet of fruits, mealworms and GliderSLURP!

There is a small fee of RM80 as a token. BoBo can be neutered with an additional RM140 as that is the vet bill.

I hope someone would be able to give him a new home soon. If you are interested, please leave a comment. Thanks.