About Suggies At Home

Suggies At Home is a blog about my experience and research on sugar glider care. My goal is to provide people with a good source of information and tips that suit Malaysian keepers.

There have been cases where people buy on impulse, purchase underage joeys and have trouble finding a good source of information to help them out. Sometimes it is just heartbreaking to see the sugar gliders and their joeys fall ill or die from unethical sellers, keepers and breeds. This is what I hope would stop, with some guidance and my experience, I am hoping that one day there would not be so many cases of sugar gliders and joeys dying from bad care.

Sugar Gliders at Suggies At Home are not bred for quantity but for quality. I am just a hobbyist breeder and I believe that caring for a small colony brings about better health, better quality and of course better pet sugar gliders.  I associate with other breeders, keepers and ethical sellers by sharing our thoughts and experience and even help each other to sell our products. We sell homebred sugar gliders and all are properly weaned. All joeys that I sell are 100% homebred at my home, under my personal care.

Suggies At Home is home to 43 sugar gliders but not all are breeding gliders. Currently there are 20 adult males and 23 adult females. Currently specializing in mainly classic greys and brown or caramels, and latest additions are a White Face and a White Mosaic to the family. I treasure each one as my own pets and do not re-sell my adults to other breeders. I consider them having their forever home with me.

13 thoughts on “About Suggies At Home

  1. Hi,

    You mentioned the neutralize operation can be done (RM140). Can you please share with us on this?

    I have 1 male 1 female…and i would like to get the male neutralized…

    Appreciate if you can share with us where sugar glider can get neutralized at..


  2. Hi Steve

    Yes, you can neuter male sugar gliders. I will soon post an article on neutering. Do keep an eye out for it. I’m also in the midst of getting more information from the vet clinic as they will soon be doing neutering using the gas anesthetic. Just need to wait for a month or 2 for things to smooth out.

  3. Hello, i have a 3 month joey. He loves having mealworms. i would like to know how often should Ryo get his mealworms and how many for each meal?

  4. Hye.. im actually adopt Joey(Juz name not a baby)from Reanne. She is rely2 cool person.She juz realize my last wish(my wish is having a hedgehog,guine pig, tarantula and glider) Juz wondering, izzit normal when sg pee on me evrytime he play wif me? And he only pee on me!! Not to my fren not to my GF.. izzit that how their mark on their owner? I buy SLURP too from her.. and Joey love it!!!(He didnt eat my recipe)

    • Hi, yes, I heard from Reanne that you adopted Joey. That’s great to hear.
      Well, gliders tend to pee on the person that they like the most. Yes, that’s how they mark their owners. Most of the time the pee would be on you, sometimes it would be on other people.

  5. Hello 🙂 I am currently having a dilemma here and I hope you could answer a few of my questions.

    I really really want to get a suggie but my mum is against this idea because of a few reasons.
    One of them is because I might be going overseas for further studies in the near future, which is maybe next year or in the year 2012, either Aus or UK. I told her that I would bring it over with me but she said it is very troublesome and because it is an exotic pet it will be more difficult because we once brought our pet cat over to west Malaysia and a lot of things were needed. She said I would have to prepare a lot of documents, visas or whatever it is, carry out health tests and etc. She said I would have to do all of them by myself and I really do not mind but is it a lot to do? I do not know the steps. & if I were to go somewhere in Malaysia for a short vacation, must I check my suggie in the cargo or just hand carry it?

    Second reason is because of my current pet cat I am having 😦 She said I would upset Coco. Will that happen? Do suggies get along well with other house pets? I do not want them to end up fighting and in the end my suggie gets wounded and etc.

    • Hi
      You have to really think carefully. Getting a glider into UK is very hard. And you need to get approval and a license to keep if I’m not mistaken. It is not as “free” as Malaysia. And in Australia, no sugar gliders can be exported or imported so that is out of the question. The best advice I can give you now is finish your studies, come back then only keep. Coz majority of the countries around the world, do not allow sugar gliders as pets. A friend of mine migrated to Indonesia and he spent like RM3k to bring them there. Another friend migrated to New Zealand and gliders are not allowed there so she had to give her glider up.

      Sugar gliders can live with other pets around provided the gliders are always caged and locked for safety reasons. You should never let cats play with gliders without supervision, even dogs. There is bound to be injury or death.

      • If I really manage to go overseas, then by the time I finish I would be maybe 25 or 26, or maybe older. That’s kinda saddening…
        Should I just study over at KL and thats it? Oh dear this is really heartbreaking…

  6. i bought a sugar glider 6 months ago , fr a pet shop in pj , at first all goes well until now recently it starts pulling/ scratching its own hair, legs , n body except the head portion. i have sent to a vet in pj, they prescribe some cream for itchiness n syrup vits, but for nearly 2 weeks still the condition exists, still scratching n more hair drops, can need some of yr expertise help please..

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