My variation gliders

OK…. yes yes, I have been delaying this alot….. but anyway, I would like to make an official post on my coloured babies.

I managed to get hold of a very handsome boy. He is a White Face Blonde (WFB) that is 50% het cremino. Previously owned by J&J Gliders, I bought over and now, Turbo, as he is named, is living with me. Oh yah, he now already has 3 joeys, which are all greys  but possibility of carrying 25% het cremino genes. Well, tell will all be under a new breeding project once they are old enough. Currently he is paired with Tippy, my white tipped glider and Chickadee, my classic grey glider.

Turbo is imported from the USA. Usually, depending on what het a WFB carries, they can cost anything from RM2.5k to RM3.8k. A WFB is a white face variation, where the black band behind the ears and the bib below the neck is missing. Normal grey variation glides have it.

Look at that clownish and oh so gorgeous face. He is very dominant and protective over his colony. Marking all over wit

h his strong musky male smell hahahah….


Then my other variation glider is a female. She is pure white, a leucistic with mosaic background, so her ears are not 100% pink. But anyway, it was always a dream for me to have a fully white glider with deep dark black eyes. So I actually got hold of my dream glider! Her name is Nuala, it means White Haired in Welsh I think…. I forgot hahahaha….. anyway, she is a very pretty one. Her OOP date is 03 October 2011. Got her home on New Years Day. She is also fully imported from the USA. I actually was real lucky coz I wanted a white mosaic at first, but it must have been fate that I had the opportunity to have Nuala. Again, thanks to J&J Gliders for getting her to Malaysia.  A leucistic glider can cost anything between RM7k to Rm10k. A leu glider is basically pure white, with normally pink ears or very mild grey ears, have not a single grey hair and no markings on the body. Just pure white with black eyes. Different from an albino and they are mutation, which is sometimes called Black Eyed White Glider.

Now she is slightly at first shy, but once she warms up to her environment, she is just an adventurer. She adores mealworms and yogurt drops. Nuala has a bad habit of not grooming herself, since she is now living alone because I am waiting to pair her up with Turbo, I have become her groomer so quite often I have to use a tooth brush to brush her coat and use wet wipes to wipe her grubby ears.




4 thoughts on “My variation gliders

  1. cute…my Miya also don’t really groom herself, I always saw Pika groom her..anyway, congrats Hun for getting your dream gliders…

  2. very wonderful experience…but can i know….what are different caramel with other grey gliders??

    I would like to know other gliders species…Thank you 🙂

  3. anything between rm7k to rm10k for each of this. Dear lord i hope they don’t fly away into the trees. =.=” but so freakishly cute!

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