Fake or Original?

I saw on Mudah.my several sellers going around promoting their sugar gliders as ORIGINAL Grade A or High grade Australian sugar gliders. Hello???!!! How on earth you can get Australian Sugar Gliders when it is strictly forbidden to get any glider in and out of Australia since the 1950s….????

Anyway, sugar gliders are not objects, ok? Don’t go around labeling these wonderful animals like some latest handphone or laptop…. grade AAA, perfect condition and stuff. All sugar gliders are grey variations (the wild colour) if they are the local ones from Indonesia. Get your FACTS right!!!! Our sugar gliders, even the ones in USA are from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. So to tell people sugar gliders from Indonesia, locally bred in Malaysia and from Thailand are wild, untame, brown and bites like hell is soooooooooo untruuuueeeee…. Rubbish to you. Please don’t educate people like that you money minded people. Show some respect to the poor glider ok?

Also, some may advertise as their sugar gliders are so pure from Australia that they always stay grey and never bite. One way to get them not to bite is that some evil cruel sellers take nail clippers to cut away half of the length of the bottom front teeth of the joeys. Please do not do this. They will have trouble eating later on.

These are Australian Petaurus Breviceps….. so different from the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea ones.

Their markings are lighter, not as bold. They have a different face.

Compare it with our ones from local breeders, Thailand and Indonesia


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