Photo Contest

Hi everyone. This year, Suggies At Home will be turning 4 years old. It’s been a great 4 years, so many things happened….. so many new experiences and the best of all, educating more people and getting to know more friends. I LOVE meeting people with the same hobby and it just brings me joy to see so many who are as passionate about sugar gliders as I am.

As a BIG THANK YOU to all my fans, supporters, readers, customers and friends, I decided to have a little competition. It will begin today (No, this is no April’s Fools Joke) and it will end on 15 May 2012. Rules are, it has to be a picture of your glider, can be with you in the picture also. Each person is allowed to enter 1 photo. Anyone who owns a sugar glider can enter this contest. Make sure the photos are creative and capture’s your sugar glider’s amazing character and personality. The most LIKES (they are votes) will be the winner. Contest ends on 15 May, at the stroke of MidNight.

Contest is open to all Malaysians.6 prizes to be won!!!!! So hurry up and get your camera’s started. Enjoy!


An Adjustment, you have to enter the contest through a 3rd party App. So Please click this to enter:

Contest form

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