Cutie Pet Fair 2011

Please click onto the Events Page for details on this year’s Cutie Pet Fair 2011. There will be a sugar glider talk on both days. As usual, free grooming and sugar glider consultation on that day.

Because of this coming event happening on the weekends, I won’t be around at Pet Epicure Taman Melawati on this Sunday (9 Oct 2011)

Article pile up soon.

Hi everyone, real sorry that I have not updated for such  long tme. It’s all due to my project in September…. I entered Culinaire Malaysia 2011, under Nonya Heritage catogery with a team and after gruelling days and nights of practice and work, we made it and won silver. Hahaha… oh well, that kinda explains why I have not been updating anything lately. My assignments have also made a pile on my desk so that would be another thing to tackle.

Anyway, I have loads of articles to share soon. Oh, and if you are an avid reader of Petster magazine, do get hold of October’s issue, I wrote on Sugar Glider sickness and diseases.

I will also be having a sales page soon as I have some sugar glider pouches and bags to sell. Stay tuned Folks!