Another tip about commercial sellers

I think in my last post about the difference between a homebreeder and commercial sellers or agents, I forgot to add some important information. So here they are:


  1. A homebreeder would use original joey pictures for sale.
  2. A homebreeder would not separate the joeys from their parents and chuck them all in one cage.
  3. A homebreeder never sells you a pair at the same time. Homebreeders do not have the sufficient breeding stock to give you a male and female pair at the same time. If this happens and from a homebreeder, it could be brother and sister.
  4. A homebreeder would never boast about his or her gliders come from imported line unless he or she has a certificate to prove such a matter.
  5. Homebreeders never off their joeys in a package deal. Why? Because we homebreeders are not in the pet supply business. Sometimes I may have 1 or 2 extra cages for sale but that is it. I never offer in a package like buy 2 joeys, get free cage and toy and bottle, etc…


Commercial Sellers:

  1. They would sell many joeys at once. All in the same cage, eating mostly apples or papaya or banana.
  2. Commercial sellers would never be able to tell you much about joey behaviour like how it barks and cries at night, how it would react to interaction. They would just say, “super tame” or “sangat jinak dan manja”.
  3. Offer a pair of joeys with all sorts of packages. Even weird food stuff and vitamins.
  4. Commercial sellers would always sell you a male and female pair. They do not care if the joeys are brother and sister.
  5. Commercial sellers sometimes would say their joeys are 100% from Australia. There is no such thing as importing joeys from Australia, the sugar glider trade in Australia is an illegal and banned pet trade.
  6. Commercial sellers would sell their joeys underaged or sometimes small sized joeys with so-called bushy tails.
  7. Apparently one commercial seller is selling joeys base on how bushy their tails are. The fluffier and bushier, the more expensive. The underage and thinner looking tails go cheaper.

So here are some guides. I hope you guys take a good read and spread it to your friends. I have seen too many that have fallen victim to commercial sellers and many innocent joeys living unhealthy lives, some never even live up to a year. So just beware.

3 thoughts on “Another tip about commercial sellers

  1. It’s frustrating that when I’m finally able to get a sugar glider, I don’t know where to turn to get a healthy joey…I kinda like what I saw at one pet shop (out of the many I went); the joeys were kept well and the staff seemed quite alright about the caring of joeys, but I’m not sure they’re two months old…they looked well developed, but the tail was less fluffy than the joeys you showed here….any suggestions?

    • Well, another way to tell if the joey is healthy or not is the size. The head shouldn’t be big looking. It should look equal, kinda of like goes well with the body. Then it should be your palm’s lenght or slighly smaller. I think you can check my photos under my Joey Category, view them to compare. If the joeys that you saw are smiliar looking, then it is ok to te them coz sometimes some gliders have less fluffy tails. But I can’t really judge for you now because I have not seen these joeys that you saw.

  2. Another tactic about some sellers at are they advertise it for a few days at low price e.g.RM180.00 each with gifts and after calling them and agreed on the purchase and letting you know the meeting place to collect the sugar glider they text you to say RM 180.00 stock finish now left RM195.00 stock!

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