Miss my suggies alot!

It’s been more than a month since I touched down in France. I miss all my gliders terribly. Big thank you to my parents who are taking care of all my gliders and also Connie and Andrew for doing a weekly check on them. So far, as I got updated, I may have 8 joeys coming up soon but I feel they would most likely be ready early next year. I think, coz for now, I can’t tell as I can’t see them.

In France, I think it is uncommon to have exotic pets. And from research, most Europe countries do not allow gliders as pets. So that is the reason from the surprised faces when I show them a picture of my gliders. Oh well, luckily I brought my pictures along so I can view them whenever I miss them. My dad have been my glider’s caretaker and GliderSLURP maker for now, and he is doing an amazing job. If you need GliderSLURP, do make your way to Pet Epicure as it is being supplied there.

I still get questions, about sugar glider nutrition and also about mass breeding. I have already written about these, all you need to do is type the key word in my search button to look for the articles. It is important to get the right nutrition, gliders have high metabolism and if we do not provide them with the correct diet, their health and growth can deteriorate or stunted, and maybe death.

When it comes to mass production, people, please understand, the mass breeders do not care about the health or diet of the gliders. As long they breed and produce joeys, then it is money for them. If your joey that you bought is underage and dies, the mass producers would not take responsibility, even though it is their fault. From breeders, it is different. For me, if one of my joeys die from a condition that is not of the buyer’s fault, I would refund or replace. Because that is my responsibility.

Till next time.