Won’t be around till January

Hi to al my friends and readers. Just would like to tell everyone here that I won’t be at Pet Epicure from this week onwards till January. Reason, I have to concentrate on my finals…. as well as I will be flying off to France for training in October.
My email is open to anyone who needs advice. So feel free to email, I may take a longer time to reply as I’m not sure if I have any internet connection over there.
How about GliderSLURP? Do not worry guys, it will still be in production and sold at Pet Epicure and by Chia. So no need to hoard hehehe…

Another joey went to a new home

Little Meera, that OOP on 24 Jone, just went to her new home last Sunday. Really happy that she has gotten herself a good home but of course, I do miss her. Anyway, I’m just happy that she is in good hands.

Facts about Meera:

  • She has got weird eye lids that only Kiah passes on to all her joeys.
  • She is a wheel addict, will run on it every night.
  • She is scared of dubia roaches LOL.
  • She hates bonding pouches and would crab but she loves people.

Ah my little Meera, you will always be one of my favourite joeys from Kiah.

Some last pictures of her before she went to her new home:

Sorry bout the photos being a little crappy, had my white balance set wrongly LOL.