GliderSLURP is expanding

Just an update on GliderSLURP!

Now it is available to people around Subang, Sunway and Puchong, even Serdang is possible.

Good NEWS! GliderSLURP! and other GliderYUMMIES! will be available next week to Shah Alam and Bukit Jalil.

I now have an agent doing delivery service so if you are in need for GliderSLURP!, just give a call at 012-6711918 , Chia. He is now providing very good services and already people have praised about his quality of service.

Another rambling from me

I guess many of you guys are feeling kinda bored with what I have been posting…. yah yah, lack of pictures. Anyway, I got many joeys now…. and some on the way. So of course some cute pics will be coming up.

I just want to highlight another issue…. it just makes me mad when I see advertisements online with discriptions about sugar gliders all so wrong….

” Sugar gliders, easy to care pets. Only eats apples and cat food. Non-smelly and use small cage”

Wow, now that is super crappy….. Non-smelly? You sure? Sugar gliders do have a slight odour and I do know many people who have given up on their gliders because their family members complained about the stink from the gliders.

Yes, they do have an odour, and it needs getting used to. It’s basically musk in their pee and on their bodies. Females don’t smell so bad, but I have Jen in my room and she does give off a little odour. I’m pretty used to it but not everyone can accept a sugar glider’s smell. Their bodies do not have much of an odour unless they are breeding gliders. I’m talking about their cage. The male will musk alot if it is not neutered.

Are they easy? Yes and a BIG BIG NOOOOOO…. gliders are never easy. They are not like dogs and hamsters, where their food is dry and comes in a packet off the pet shop’s shelf. They need fresh food to stay healthy. They need the correct diet, the correct supplements.

I just feel like kicking some people when I see their classifieds online, no knowledge at all, offering yes, very tempting cheap prices but I pity the gliders a lot.

If you have friends who are thinking about getting a glider, then please advice them properly that these are not easy pets. If you do not have the passion for them, they can be very difficult pets.


Yah…. I know, these past few articles from me have been only words and words and more words. I will get some pictures up soon.

Anyway, I just wanna talk about how depressing it is these days. I think there are many gliders and joeys suffering out there…. Why? Well, one thing for sure is MANY people are getting the wrong information about sugar gliders.

First of all, I have heard 1 owner said he will use hamster cage. Why? Because it saves space and it is such a small animal, so why bother to give it such a big cage? Waste space only….. OMG…. pretty dumb and I pity the glider…..

Next would be the usage of wood shavings. Some sellers go about advising people that wood shavings is the best because it will absorb the urine of the glider and keep it clean. What the …… so wrong. Wood shavings, especially pine shavings that is available at all pet stores, if quite dangerous to their health since the phenols leak out of the wood and gets in the air.

Another stupid advice…. The usage of aquarium. They say putting a glider in an aquarium is better coz the glider would feel less stressed since cannot see any bars, and then it is cleaner to keep because all the shit and pee is inside the aquarium or glass exo terra tanks. And it looks so pretty and exotic looking. Dumb Dumb man…. sugar gliders are neither fish nor reptiles, so do not use tanks or aquariums.

Another favourite advice….. gliders do not drink water. So no need water bottle, just leave an apple in the cage and it will be enough. Oh, and feed cat food and mealworms. Rubbish advice. If a glider eats only apples, dry cat food and mealworms only then it’s lifespan will be shorten drastically. I give it 2 years only…. pity the gliders….. Some sellers would also say do not feed other fruits because it can kill a glider of cause it to become sick, so apples should only be given….. Wow, such a pitiful diet and such a painful life…..

So people, do be wise. Don’t think of the easy way out when keeping gliders, don’t think they are easy to keep and don’t get a glider because you find it is cute but you cannot afford it.

Cheap gliders can be unhealthy gliders. Look at…. so many rubbish sellers, especially those trying to sell joeys in packages.


This topic came about when I noticed many homebreeders, mainly those that only have 1 pair or 2 pairs of glider, putting up classifieds on the Web to sell their joeys.

What is so wrong about it?

Firstly, they advertise saying they homebreed, then the reason they are selling is coz there will be too many gliders in their home. Come on lah, if you fear that you have too many, then stop breeding and neuter your pet! That’s a lame excuse….

The one that makes me wanna call them up is that they happily say,

” My glider gave birth. Have a male and female joey. Ready for sale. 1 pair RM480″

WOW! RM480 is cheap…. but BIG BIG BIG mistake here…. brother and sister pair? Insane???!!!! Animals do not know brother and sister, if they are related. They would breed for sure and with such a tight and close gene pool, defects may arise in the joeys. This is not healthy at all.

Please be responsible breeders. Understand that animals are not humans. Understand that bad things can happen if the brother and sister joeys fall into the wrong hands. Inbreeding is bad. Even us humans avoid doing it, so animals should to. Don’t be irresponsible.