Newly OOP joeys

OK guys, I will be back blogging more often soon. Tomorrow is my last day of my final exams.

Anyway, just to update, I now have 3 female joeys that recently OOP and have not been booked yet. All a bunch of cuties to me.

Kiah and Kimba just had a female joey, Meera OOP 24 June 2010. My guessing is that Meera would be just like the spitting image of her mom Keera. Coz previous joeys from Keera always turn out to look like her. And she somehow passes on this eye ring that is unique only to her.

Then there are Fura and Fala, OOP on 28 June 2010, both girls and by Sugus and Gizmo. This has got to be the first time Sugus produce 2 girls at the same time for me. Anyway, she is a wonderful mom.

Of course, a few females haven’t OOP their joeys yet. So let me update on the list:

Keera (I’m really expecting some promising results from her)

Dippy (1 joey)

Genie ( 2 joeys, should OOP very very soon)

Lada ( 1 joey in pouch)

Will soon update on some latestn pictures of the joeys.

Please STOP!

Honestly and seriously, mass breeders and sales agents, stop spamming my comment box with sugar gliders for sale.

My blog is no place for advertising your unethical way of breeding sugar gliders and selling underage joeys.

Pet World Malaysia 2010

Pet World Malaysiais here again, big pet event. Maybe the biggest event for pet lovers. Anyway, normally KP from Exotic Pets Ink and I would share a booth but this year the timing just ain’t right for us. My finals… like I said before…. my last exams before I graduate is on that very same week. In fact, my exams start on 24 and it ends on 30th June. Such luck… anyway, although I will not be participating with a booth, I will be enjoying just 1 day of carefree pet browsing at the event.

Catch me there on Saturday. I will of course have a few gliders with me so look out for my bonding pouches. Reanne and I will be there with our gliders so if you would like to meet us or come handle our gliders for a bit, just drop me a call on 26 June 2010.

Joeys… joeys….. and more joeys….

It’s been a long time since I updated the blog. Sorry folks, just got very caught up with assignments…. coz this is my last term, will finish my Diploma end of this month. So my finals is in this coming 2 weeks. This means I won’t be updating my blog nor visiting forums for the next 2 weeks.

Anyway, this month I pretty much have my hands full of joeys. Keiko gave me 2 boys that have been booked by Juwai. Sophie and Russel gave a very super adorable round faced joey which I now call Pumpkin and she is booked by Evon. Then there are Banjo and Benji from Thyme, and they have been booked by my college friends. Bursting with joeys, coz Kiah now has a female joey still in pouch, Dippy has 1 joey in pouch as well and Sugus has 2 joeys in pouch. Genie also 2 joeys in pouch. This coming month, I have joey madness hahahah….

So here are some pictures for all the future joey owners.

This is Pumpkin. I think I named her Marmalade at first but it just didn’t go. OOP 27 May 2010. Evon, I hope you like her.

Then here are Cracker and Cooper. They OOP on 10 May 2010. Very naughty little boys that cannot sit still. Luckily they stoned for a bit so I could get some shots.

Then Banjo and Benji. They appear to develop slower than Cooper and Cracker. That’s because they OOP very young, before they even had fur on them. OOP 12 May 2010.

I do notice that people who get their joeys from other places (eg: Supplier and pet shops) that they are always confused. Often I hear people saying that my joeys are huge or not joeys anymore. That’s because they have been told that 1 month OOP joeys are 2 months old. Why, I brought a 2 month OOP joey before to a very famous pet shop. I showed to the sales person, and he automatically said this:

“Miss, you got cheated. That is not a joey. That is an adult already”

And then, I replied:

“How can I be cheated? This joey I breed myself”

Then the sales person went quiet, and of course very embarass coz he was actually not only talking to me but in fact many other customers, including some tourist. So it was avery funny and interesting moment for me. How sad it is that many people have been wrongly educated by pet shop staff that lack in knowledge.