Cranberry juice

I decided to do a post on cranberry juice today, just coz someone googled my blog and used key words like cranberry juice for gliders.

Is it safe? Should we give our gliders cranberry juice?

I read a health article in the newspaper last weekend and it stated that cranberries are loaded with antioxidants and it can flush out toxins from our bodies. It is a beneficial fruit and drink. It may taste sour and some gliders do not enjoy the taste, but it is good stuff for both us and our gliders. Let me share my findings.

Dr. Starr cited studies at other major universities, from Harvard to Cornell to Rutgers, on the goodness of cranberries. “Researchers have demonstrated that this tiny berry is packed with health benefits. We have evidence showing that cranberries block the adhesion of certain harmful bacteria to cells, which promotes urinary tract health, and may also help prevent stomach ulcers and gum disease.

According to studies, cranberries helps with urinary tract infection (UTI) and gum problems. The cranberry has this enzyme called proanthocyanidins that prevents harmful bacteria from sticking on the urinary tract wall. It flushes out toxins and bacteria. Many drink cranberry juice as a prevention to UTI but it may help curing as well. You won’t see instant improvements and be cured after a few drinks, it will take tim as once a glider has UTI, their urinary tract is inflamed, swollen and it takes time and anti-biotics to heal the infection.

The enzymes also helps clean teeth! Strange but true. It flushes out bacteria from the gums. Since we can’t brush our glider’s teeth, we should give them some cranberry juice to help with dental care.

This small berry is really like…. the superfood of all foods. Apparently studies were made and they happen to found that cranberries can lower the risk of getting cancer as well as heart disease. More studies are still going on for the anti-cancer properties but the antioxidant components, called polyphenols, and bioflavonoids may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. It kinda
reduces bad cholesterol so it helps the arteries to function better and it can prevent heart attacks and such.

Now, after reading this, don’t just go and get some cheap brand at the supermarket. You actually get all these benefits from fresh or pure cranberry juice. So your best bet would be Cold Storage or Bangsar Grocers at Bangsar Village or any organic store. If you happen to know of a place that gets a good amount of imported stuff, then go over and look for cranberry juice that has no added preservatives and no added sugar or colouring or flavouring.

How to feed? Gliders like sweet fruits and juices. They would rarely drink cranberry juice on their own. So mix it with some apple juice or a pinch of brown sugar. For glider that have UTI, they should drink half a teaspoon of cranberry juice daily but you still have to get medical treatment. Why? UTI again, an infection where the bladded and urinary tract has been infected by bacteria, causing inflamation and swelling. So antibiotics is needed to fight the infection while cranberry juice flushes out the toxins and bacteria.

5 thoughts on “Cranberry juice

  1. Thank you. I have a uti and am drinking lots of cranberry juice. My glider decided to steal some from my cup when I wasn’t looking! She’s sneaky. But I was worried it would hurt her . So thanx for putting my mind at ease!!!!

  2. I just bought a sugie….n it seems a lil scqred of me….what should i do to make my baby bcome more comfortable with me n us yogurt good for sugie….

    • It is normal for glider to be scared on the first few days to a week. You have to hold it to calm it down. Read on bonding also. And yes, we can feed yogurt to gliders. Just a bit, and it has to be low fat yogurt.

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