Sorry guys

Hey everyone,

Sorry about not posting any new articles lately. Been busy with college. Lots of assignments and test coming up, so I won’t be as frequent at posting in my blog.

Anyway, as an update, Keera and Kuno’s joeys just OOP on 9 March 2010. Sure their new owner very happy to hear that. And Berry and JayJay have gone to new homes. So proud of them. Little Marlo will be going to his new home soon. Ah…. I just love watching people falling in love with their joeys. All I want are caring people who would love them. Also, Hazel and Nutmeg will soon be ready for their new homes too. Oh yah, 2 joeys from Quix and Lobo, so these 2 are up for booking. They just OOP on 8 March 2010.

And I have 2 adults for adoption. They are Cleo and Draco. Semi tame adults and already neutered. Adoption fee of RM130 is required for this pair. Do email me if you would like to give them a home. The female, Cleo is never to breed again as she is not a good mom for she rejects joeys. Draco is neutered.