Sugar Glider Talk

Here is an update about the upcoming event I mentioned earlier.

SuggiesAtHome got invited to give a 1 hour talk on sugar gliders during the Cutie Pet Fair that will be held at Central Park, One Utama on the 21 and 22 November 2009.

Admission is free.

I will be touching on some interesting topics, basics like what is a glider and so on. There will be a bit of show and tell as I will be bringing products to show as well as my gliders. Look forward in meeting Kiah, Keera, Kuno, Naya, Salem, Jinx and a number of other gliders from other glider owners. A good chance for newbies and people who are interested to know more about them.

If you have gliders that needs nail clipping, don’t worry. I will be providing FREE nail clipping for any sugar glider.

How about time?

My talk will be from 2pm to 3pm on both days.

Cutie Pet Fair 2009 is a charity event. Do come with your pets and support this event that helps homeless and unwanted pets. This is Malaysia’s Biggest Adoption Drive.

Another typical commercial gimmick

Again, after browsing through online pet classifieds, I still stumble upon the “pet starter pack” gimmick.

Beware of such commercial sellers. A joey or 2 with a cheap price and a “starter pack/kit” may sound like the best thing you could ever stumble upon coz it saves you the hassel of searching for basic stuff later, but this is very wrong because many of the so called “starter packs” are just rubbish. Things that you shouldn’t be using or keeping your glider in.

I have 2 pair joeys are available now .
They are 2 months old ,Healthy and Tame .
The Baby sugar glider are Easy to take care
and they are very Smart and Sweet .
What need to Feeding ???
fruit : fuji apple ,orange ,persimon…
food : biscuit…
Need to Bath ???
Yes ,get a Spray Shampoo

This discription of an ad is very similar to another ad where a seller sells joeys that comes with a bonding pouch, a spray shampoo and dog kibbles in a small container as glider biscuits. Gliders are not meant to eat kibbles. They can take very few, 1 piece a day as a treat but never as a staple coz it is not a natural staple for them nutrionally. And what is a spray shampoo? It could be dangerous… I rather use dry shampoo in powder form and wet wipes to clean my glider than spraying scented water with chemicals on my glider.

When buying a joey from anyone, please do your research carefully. A package that includes dog kibbles, a tiny hamster cage with a hamster wheel and wrong advice is just going to cause the glider a whole lot of pain later in the future. Be a responsible buyer. For sellers, be responsible and sell ethically.