An event and gathering

A pet event will be coming up soon. This will be a chance for a small sugar glider gathering. Update yourself soon as I will be posting up a proper update for this event. It will happen sometime in November. I will be there with as many suggies as I can carry. So keep my blog bookmarked and check for updates.

Brother and Sister

I’m kinda shocked these days that there are many newbie breeders selling brother and sister pairs…. WHY???? Don’t you guys get it that animals do not know the difference between siblings? Don’t you guys know that they can inbreed? Don’t you guys know that it is gonna produce unhealthy joeys? If anyone gets sibling gliders, and if they are of the opposite sex, the male has to be neutered. If you want to save money, then get single sex pairs so you do not need to fork out money for the surgery.

I just saw on and was so shock with a person, trying to sell a pair of brother and sister joeys for a very very cheap price. This person didn’t even say that if the pair is bought, the male has to be neutered. This is the person’s message:

A Pair of 6 months old Sugar Glider for only RM300. Very cute and tamed

Reason for selling, my sugar glider breeding again so selling their brother and sister 🙂

Grab it before sold! Being take care nicely in the good large environment.

Fed with healthy food!

Only sell to responsible and caring buyer!

It is already 6 months old, soon, the brother and sister pair will be matured enough to breed. What happens next?

I strongly stress to people that when they buy a pair of male and female gliders, they have to plan, are they going to keep the joeys? If they sell, are they going to make sure it is sold someone who is going to take care of them for the rest of their lives? If joeys cannot be sold, what will happen?

To overcome overcrowding or overbreeding, the simplest way is to get your male neutered! That would solve the overcrowding and the spending on additional cages.

Is it cruel? Neutering the male glider is not cruel at all. They can still mate with their female but they just won’t produce any joeys. Will it be cruel to the female if she cannot have joeys? No…. they are not humans. Humans populate because we want children to carry our family name and to have a family as we grow old. Animals do not have the same feelings. They breed because nature made them to reproduce so they wouldn’t get extinct.

So my dear readers, if you already have a male and female pair, think about getting the male neutered once you have had enough of joeys in your family or before any joeys pop up. If you are planning to get a glider, do get a single sex pair. It can be 2 males or 2 females, it doesn’t matter because all a glider needs is companionship from its own species. A playmate, a lifepartner, a friend.

The jambu air

I love this fruit! Whenever I feel the need to cool off on a hot day, I’ll scout for a fruit stall for the chilled cut fruits and I will always, ALWAYS get jambu air, nicely chilled and sprinkled with some asam powder. So lovely and yummy.

This fruit is also good for our gliders too. In asian countries, it is known as jambu air. There are many species of jambu air, so I’m not really sure what are their names. They come in various shades of pink, red and some green or white. And also in different sizes. The best Jambu that I like would be Jambu air madu, really sweet like sugar. Even my gliders go crazy for it but then this kind is terribly expensive.

According to a few sugar glider websites, the calcium to phosphorus ratio is also good, a 3.6:1. Now isn’t that a great fruit to have? But take in mind, even though the calcium ratio is good, we should always feed each fruit variety in moderation, just like papaya is high in calcium. The jambu air is also know as the rose apple, cherry apple, water apple, jambos, malay apple. I guess rose, water and apple came up because some people say it has a rose-kind of taste, and it is juicy and crunchy just like an apple. But then some varieties may not have a sweet taste. I have eaten some that are quite bland, almost similar to a potato flavour. The fruit does have seeds, some are tiny, like in my photo, the little dark coloured dot and some would have a bigger cavity with more seeds. It’s wise to take these out. I know some can even be seedless.

Anyway, my gliders love these and my uncle has a tree that is chemical free. I went to harvest what I can and this is what I got!

A huge basket of jambu air. The white ones are from a different tree from my uncle’s neighbour. But all the red ones are from 1 tree. My gliders had a jambu night! LOL

Strong Naya

As I said before in a previous post, one of my girls, Naya had an unfortunate incident with joeys in pouch. I still do not know what happened to her, it still puzzles me and I did try asking people from overseas if they have ever heard of such a problem but they too are clueless. I’m lucky Naya survived. Yes, some of you may ask, why didn’t I go to see a vet? Well, the day I found her sleeping outside of the sleeping pouch, I didn’t really thought it was strange since it could be that it was cooler to sleep outside. But once I found out that she didn’t want to eat, that’s when I started to worry. I found out only at night, so being 12am onwards, there was no vet around. Worst of all is that I couldn’t get an off day from work. So I had to rely on my quick thinking and first aid skills. A few calls to friends also helped me abit. Thank you guys.

Today, Naya is doing very well. She lost weight due to the incident but gradually putting it back on. Her appetite now is like a wolf, she eats as much as her tummy would allow her and each time she licks everything clean.

Now how did I get the joeys out? The joeys, let me remind you, were already dead inside of Naya. I have no idea why she didn’t take them so the rotting joeys made her sick. It was all a gut feeling I had, and I’m glad Naya trust me. She is not a bonded glider but she trust me alot. She let me take out the dead joeys and let me clean her pouch. I can still remember the rotting smell and it just gives me shivers. Here is a photo of the dead joeys. This is the first time this thing have ever happened to me. Joeys that die once OOP and get eaten up is normal as so far Kiah has done that once but joeys that die while in pouch is truly strange.

Breeding has its ups and downs, and this is one of the downs in breeding. This is why I always advice newbies, try to avoid breeding if you are still new with gliders. It takes knowledge and courage to face such difficulties.

Thank goodness Naya gained back her health. Just 2 days after I took the dead joeys out, Naya regained back her usual self, her ravenous appetite came back and she started to become active again. Here are a few photos of her. She is now retired from breeding. No more breeding for her after such a thing happened. I’m carrying her around when I’m home, and she just likes to sleep on the back of my neck or just look around on my shoulder or groom my cheek. Sigh, she has now become my heart glider. Naya, my strong girl.

The current bouncing babies

Been quite busy, as I’ve said before, I’m currently doing my industrial training at Bangsar and …. man…. it’s busy busy everyday at the restaurant. Anyway, as busy as I am right now, I still have to spend some quality time with my gliders as well as all their bouncing joeys. Sorry to the future moms and dads of my little ones. I know I should have updated earlier but I just didn’t have the energy to go upstairs to grab my camera whenever I’m already down in the living hall playing with the gliders. So here is an update.


This little guy is the latest one. He is from Kiah and Kimba, this is Kiah’s 2nd joey. Jinx OOP on 11 October 2009. Currently at 13g.


RainDrop and DustStorm

I know the name sounds weird, but then I kinda ran out of new names, and then when I read the news about rain and floods, and then a dust storm in Australia, then it just gave me an idea hahaha. Anyway, RainDrop is the little girl and DustStrom is a boy. RainDrop gets startled easily now, but with more handling she should be fine. I hope you look forward in getting her Nigel. Now DustStorm is a brave lad. He is…. too brave…. this is the first time he is seeing my camera, and I placed it infront of him before taking any pictures. What he did was launched himself to my camera and gave his biggest loudest bravest crab. Then he lifted both his front hands and tried to show the camera that he was boss. It was funny. Little boy with a big attitude. Both OOP on 28 September 2009.



Dusty(top) and Rain(bottom)



This guy here is Oshine and Chiwek’s son. Well, this active fella is still looking for a forever home. If you are interested, you can email me. He just weaned off piggyback riding on his mom. Completely independent but this guy is a cautious fella, so he needs a patient owner. But I’m in no hurry coz if he doesn’t get a new owner, I will still keep him coz he is just a lovely boy to have around. Oh yah, he OOP on 15 August 2009.


Chester and Jenny

These 2 are Keera and Kuno’s first 2 joeys. I find them kinda small size, maybe they follow Keera’s structure. They are so sticky to their parents. While I was taking pictures, Keera didn’t want to get out of the cage, so Kuno and the kids came out. He is a good dad, see the pictures and you will know. Anyway, both Chester and Jenny are quite calm joeys. OOP on 11 September 2009, these 2 are stubborn little things and wouldn’t stay still for a picture. As soon as they saw dad, they quickly piggyback on him


Jenny and Kuno

The kids trying to torture Kuno



This little baby girl OOP on August 11 2009. She will be going home to Mr Arifin and family. Muffin is from Kopee and Tyke. She is a dainty little thing, gentle and calm so she is quite good to handle. I find her very entertaining to watch as she jumps about in the cage. Kopee isn’t a very good mom so Muffin weaned quite early. I will upload her picture later since my camera ran out of juice after taking so many pictures. Stay tuned.


And joeys on the way….. Jessie and Pugle have 2 joeys, they are still in pouch.

Let us do a survey

I was thinking, I have heard alot of funny and wrong information on sugar glider diet going around from various pet shops and suppliers. I’d like to do a survey. I hope my readers here would join in. Here is what you do:

1. Go to a pet shop that sells sugar gliders.

2. Ask them what to feed a sugar glider.

3. Ask them why feed that particular food.

I’m talking about silly wrong bad answers for this survey. Once you have gotten an answer, come here and post it by posting a comment. Why I wanna do this? Recently I got to know that some petshops are going the extra mile by saying sugar gliders can only eat and survive on apples and another being sugar gliders eat nuts and seeds. Do join and share your findings.

Time for some replies

From Lisa:

Hi Hun,

I have 2 gliders – one male and one female. They get along well on any other day EXCEPT when it comes to mating season. She doesn’t seem to like to mate. Whenever he comes close and smell / lick the you-know-where, she will start to crab (a very loud one to the point when I couldn’t sleep at all) and push him away. Is that a norm?

Hi Lisa

What your girl is trying to show your boy is that she doesn’t want to breed. Some females would tell off a male if it doesn’t want to breed. She is telling him she isn’t ready. Gliders will mate if they both accept one another during breeding periods, so if your girl is not ready, she won’t let him breed with her. Crabbing, chasing, a little squabbling is normal. So no worries. Once she feels that she is ready, she would let him mate with her. Just a matter of time.

From Pet Sugar Glider

what is the normal cost per day to board 2 sugar gliders?

Well, it depends. My price for boarding is very flexible coz I do it from home, it is normally Rm7 per day. The longer the stay, the cheaper it would be.

Busy months ahead.

Been so busy lately, I’m afraid I have neglected my blog. I apologies to all my readers for not updating lately. I’m now going through my Industrial Training, so it is getting hectic since I’m training at a busy location, but then all will be well after December.

Anyway, some updates I’d like to share. There are some good news and bad news….

Good news would be that Keera’s Joeys are now 23 days OOP. They are super adorable, Chester is the lil boy and Jenny is the li girl. I actually named her Cherry but her new owners would like to name her Jenny. Good that Keera is such a doting mom and she still sings to them every night.

Another 2 joeys OOP in September. DustStorm (male) and RainDrop (female) OOP on the 28 of September. Quix is very protective as she was a wild glider that I adopted, so she doesn’t let me peek at her kids but she has never chased my hand out of the cage so that is pretty ok. Lobo, the dad doesn’t bother about me but he is being a good dad as well. Sigh, that is why I love gliders, they got good instincts and parent-like skills when they are bringing up their offsprings.

My sad news would be my girl Naya. She recently became ill. She was lethargic, didn’t want to sleep in her pouch nor eat. That happened last weekend. She gave me a scare. For 3 days I syringe fed her glucose, isotonic drink mixed with some Wombaroo High Protein powder but she just didn’t want to eat. She kept taking in fluids, which kept her alive but not appetite for food. Then I had a gut feeling that it could be something wrong with her joeys too because there was this sticky residue lining the opening of her pouch. She had joeys in pouch for like close to 3 weeks already. When I placed my finger on her pouch, the 2 joeys in pouch didn’t move. Clearly something was wrong. So I decided to take a risk, and take out the joeys.  For some reason, the joeys died, and I suspected that could have caused her to lose appetite. But the strangest thing was why didn’t she take out the joeys and clean her pouch? What made her sick was that the joeys kinda rotted inside her pouch. The dead joeys were covered in a sticky clear slime and had that rotting flesh smell. I quickly cleaned up Naya’s pouch with warm water and some cotton buds. And I prayed that she would regain back her health.

Today, Naya is back to her old self. She is eating well, regaining back her weight and is active as before. I’m lucky that I found out what was wrong with her. I didn’t mind losing the joeys, she is more important to me. Breeding has its ups and downs. So being a breeder, there will be times where such things may happen. So it is important to read up on glider care, always get updated with the latest news and it’s good to know a little first aid.

I’ll try to update as often as I can. For now, this little post will have to do.