Some questions

I will reply to some questions that I have not been able to answer during my 3 months of industrial training. Hopefully the readers who posted this would be able to read it soon.

Great! Glad u brought up this topic. So I guess I got to prepare myself ahead for the ‘big day’ i.e the day my boy get neutered.
My question are:-
1. What should the owner prepare before the surgery? What to expect?
2. Do we just send our sg to the vet and leave it there?
3. How long do we have to wait for the surgery to be over?
4. How long do we have to wait for our sg to wake up after surgery?
5. Can the owner watch the thier glider in the surgery room in the process?
6. When or sg wake up, whose face will they see first, owner or vet?

Thanks for yr guidance

Good that you have decided to neuter your glider. Well, there are a few things the owner should prepare and take note of.

1. The owner should have the cage cleaned up and disinfected. Take out the wheel coz running may injure the surgery area. The night before the surgery, the glider should not eat anything or drink any water to avoid complications during surgery.

2. Yes, just drop your glider at the clinic in the morning and you can take him back in the late afternoon or evening.

3. It depends. The surgery is fast, it depends on how stable your glider is before it can go home. It’s somewhere around 2 hours but it could be longer if there were complications.

4. The glider would wake quite fast if it was sedated using the gas…. but if it was an injection, then it would take longer, some gliders would vomit, chew and cry from the sudden pain…. so gas is the best. Normally the vet would hand back the glider to you once it wakes up.

5. People are not allowed into the surgery room coz it is a sterile environment.

6. Well, when a glider wakes up, it would be the vet or their assistant that they see first, and then only you because they have to make sure your glider is ok and healthy before handing back to you. But if your glider takes longer to wake up, they would let you accompany it till it awakes from the sedation but that depends on the vet.

hi…can i give my sg eat oat?.. tq

Yes, a glider can take oats but only rolled oats. Not instant oats, not porridge oats…. just plain old rolled oats and never too much coz oats can cause bloating if too much is consumed. Give as treats…. never as a staple.

Hello, i have a 3 month joey. He loves having mealworms. i would like to know how often should Ryo get his mealworms and how many for each meal?

You can give mealworms everyday but never exceed 10 a day. I normally give a few a day as treats coz mealworms are high in phosphorus and fats. We want our joeys to bulk up with proper food, not fatty food. I would suggest 5 to 6 a day for your Ryo.

Commercial breeders are the worst

Recently many commercial breeders are sprouting up, advertising in the internet to get fast money. I find it truly disgusting, cruel and down right wrong. And this is cause people support buying pets from pet shops or directly from suppliers because the price is cheaper. Yah, one may say that the price is cheaper and the joeys cuter but come on…. why support someone who is breeding for money? Why support someone who is snatching away joeys that are too young to be separated from their mom?

Just look at how a commercial breeder breeds them? Too bad the breeder is in Penang or else I would take a personal visit there. For now I’m judging by picture. The cage looks long but upon closer inspection, the long cage, which I’m guessing is about 2ft or 2.5ft the max, is actually divided into 2. There is a divider grill right in the middle. Each side of the cage only has 1 coconut and 1 container for water. Where would the food container be?

The ugly part is where he can actually produce 100 joeys at one time for sale. I have 20 gliders and they do not give me joeys at the same time. And how does a commercial breeder feeds and cares for 600 to 800 gliders? From one of the breeder’s customer’s pictures…. the joey looks underage, about 5 weeks old. I bet some are even as young as 4 weeks old. Now this not only happen to gliders, the same goes for hamsters, dogs and cats….

I’m still figuring out how this breeder can produce 100s of joeys in a span of a week or 2. Maybe it is not 600 gliders, maybe they have more. The price is of course cheap, people are attracted to the cheap price. I hope readers here will not be ignorant, learn from this post and support hobbyist breeders. Suppliers or commercial breeders or pet shops may trick you into thinking they are caring and informative but they lack in a lot of basic information. They may trick you into believing that small cages and simple cat food, mealworms and apples are the best diet. Some may trick you by saying gliders eat sunflower seeds and hamster food. So be aware of such things.

My blog is not for free advertisements!

I was utterly shocked to find some glider seller from the internet trying to use my blog to post his sales. Free advertisement? I was disgusted because I found out the joeys that are being sold are not even 2 months old. More like 5 weeks to me or 6 weeks tops….

Here is the so called advertisement comment he tried to post.

hye..anyone want a pair of sugar glider, i can giv u special price..only rm600 for cage+accesories. if u buy from pets shop, its will be rm900++ not juz for let go..for intrested person and pet lover only juz pm me

I will never allow such a person to advertise in my blog as I find that he or she is just interested in selling gliders as fast as he or she could to gain money by telling people that they offer special price with cage and accessories and the package he or she offers is better than a pet shop.  I bet the cage is a small little hamster cage.

What I believe is that a true hobbyist breeder should not say that their joeys are cheaper but their main fact should be that they are stronger, healthier, brought up in a proper environment and are of the right age.

Marley and mom

It has been awhile since I updated my blog. I was busy with my industrial training but have finally finished my 3 months of training at Westin Hotel. Finally, I can spend more time with my gliders.

Well, here are some pictures of Marley with his mom, Kiah.
Kiah is one of my first gliders, and I’m really proud of her for raising Marley so well. It was dreadful when we lost Maple but thankfully not Marley. He is so much like his mom, doesn’t look or act like his dad at all. I’m also glad Marley has a future home with a fellow reader here. Thank you Naimah.

Marley has grown quite well as he came out of pouch too early. Normally joeys have fur or pigmentation when they come out of pouch but he came out pink. He was lucky that Kiah still nursed him, his sister wasn’t as strong so that was why Maple did not make it. I find it cute that Marley is like the copy version of his mom…. the only thing different is his tail. It isn’t very long but it is not broken or bitten off, just slightly shorter than average. So far he is very calm when I handle him, only crabby when he is in his pouch because he is not used to being carried in a bonding pouch. But overall he is a lovely joey to handle.

To anyone in KL who is interested, do come and look for me at MidValley Megamall. I will be there with my gliders, will be bringing Kiah and Marley, Keera and Kuno to the Pet World Malaysia exhibition. So if you would like to meet me and my gliders, do drop a comment. We got specially made Goodie Bags and great stuff for gliders for sale.