Sugar Glider Adoption!

Just like the topic title, there are 3 sugar gliders for adoption from my friend, Reanne.

Here is her message to interested adopters:

My grandfather is moving in with my family due to medical reasons and I am forced to prepare space for him so I have to let go some of my pets to better homes. Terms and conditions apply. Some are with adoption fees and some are FOC, but each adopter MUST provide me with background information such as working/studying what and where, location, schedule, current pets etc.

Adopter must also provide me information about what cage/tank is prepared for them, what diet will they be on, how is the schedule, and last but not least, give me reasons to why you want to adopt the pet. I reserve the right to reject unsuitable candidates or anyone I do not see fit to care for their needs. Exotic pets are not like cats and dogs, they need more time and have more specific needs to their care.

The adoption is not very urgent but I’m not in a hurry to let go of them so expect lots of questions and extensive screening. Do your basic research and if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you CANNOT answer the basic questions like ‘What do they eat?’, you will be REJECTED without question as it proves you have NOT done your homework and therefore are NOT serious in adopting/caring for the animal in question. (I have had ppl call that could not answer this question and expected me to just adopt it to them straight away. Doesn’t make any sense right?

Strict terms and conditions.

1. Selling the adopted animal is not allowed.
2. Breeding the adopted animal is not allowed unless with permission.
3. Please inform me if you can no longer care for the animal and wish to re-adopt it to someone else. Provide me with the contact of the person and some basic info on the next adopter.
4. Harming the adopted animal in any way is definitely not allowed.
5. If the animal dies for any reason or even without any reason, please inform me and if the cause of death is unknown, I will arrange for an autopsy. Store the body in the fridge, not the freezer please.


Type of Pet : One Male sugar glider with adoption fee.

Name : None

Age : No age estimation but adult and been with me for 4 months +

Temperament : Nervous but stones a lot, sometimes he’s like a rock. Crabs somewhat when irritated. Can be tamed with TLC.

Details : Rescued together with Gollum, this boy was also kept in the same conditions but does not have any damage to his face or any other body parts. Now fed a good diet and have not shown any signs of sickness or problems.

Not bred before and should be neutered.


Type of Pet : One Female Sugar Glider with adoption fee.

Name : Tina

Age : No age estimation but adult and been with me for 4 months +

Temperament : Kinda crabby and very nervous but can be tamed with TLC.

Details : Rescued together with Gollum and the other male glider, she was kept in the same conditions and half her nose had been bitten off like Gollum. Same as the other 2, she does not show any sign of sickness or problems. Fed an equally good diet.

Not bred before and recommended not to breed in the future.


Type of Pet : One Female Sugar Glider with adoption fee. STRICTLY NO BREEDING.

Name : Jelly

Age : Roughly 3 years. Has been with me for 7+ months

Temperament : Tame, can bond with time.

Details : She is also a rescued glider but not from the same home as Gollum and the others. She was bought solely as a breeder and couldn’t produce healthy joeys due to lack of nutrition which resulted in the death of both joeys. In the end the owner decided to get rid of her. Her cage was filthy and sticky, reeked of months of pee and poo and mold was growing at the bottom on the cage. She now lives in a clean cage with good food. When I got her she already had 2 joeys IP and the previous owner couldn’t even see it though the lumps were humungous. For some reason I think she cannot nurse the joeys well even with lots of protein and supplements in her diet and abandoned one. Even so, her remaining joey did not grow as big as compared to a normal joey.

She has proven not able to support joeys so she should not be housed with any unneutered male. Female to female pairing or to a neutered male only. Kept singly until bonded is even better.


Reanne is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her contact is 012-6165997. No SMSes, only deal through calls. She tends to be strict with who adopts her pets, so be prepared with information and knowledge about glider keeping. The gliders offered for adoption are STRICTLY not for breeding at all. They are not fit to have joeys and it would be cruel and dreadful for them to breed as it is a risk to their health.

17 thoughts on “Sugar Glider Adoption!

  1. i’m interested to adopt a female one for breeding purposes but why tina stated recommended not to breed in the future??

    • Because these gliders deserve to have a home free from being a breeder all their lives. Tina was a rescued glider and she should have a good life rather than be a breeding glider.

  2. Hi, thx for posting. Tina has been adopted to a great family and hopefully Jelly and Gollum will soon be too. 🙂

  3. hi…
    saya student unisel in selangor…
    saya ada seekor sugar glider…
    her name is suri..
    she is 3month…
    i got her from my cousin..
    i give her fruit…hpw…some her’s biscuit..gliderade…
    saya nak adopt the male one gollum…
    telll me ASAP…

    • Hi Wanie
      Do call Reanne to find out if she got any gliders for adoption. 012 6165997. But just for your information, pairing a young female with an older male would bring about early breeding, which is not healthy for a glider and it can cause joey neglecting or rejection. Adopt another female, it is better for Suri.

  4. hello. i’m Cheeka. i could use some advise from u.

    i’ve a female suggie, 1 year old now. i wanted to find her a mate, and i’ve no intention to breed them. what do u think? is it better to get a male around the same age or older or younger for my glider? and where to get him? do u have any contact number? i prefer adoption rather than buying the suggie. thank you.

  5. hello my name is corrina and im looking to adopt a male and a female joey for free if u know any one who can help me give me a call 336-524-4810

  6. thre any male or female sg left? i want to adopt one if possible.i would really love to have an adopt pet for free and ill take a good care of it.i never have sg as i want to adopt one before i bought one for myself.ill do the reading and ill take care of it with love

    • The world is not as nice as it seems. Nothing is free. A glider is not a toy or product. Do you know that you are asking me for a free sample? It is like you do not want to buy the glider so you are asking for a “free sample” to try out before buying 1. Sorry but I do not do this and by reading what you just commented, I’m quite disappointed to see that you see gliders as an object.

  7. hye there… I would like to adopt a pair of this glider if u have more of them…. this is my phonoe no. 0172499686… my fren and I interested to be part of this animal because it’s really unique and we love animal…. we located at gombak selangor

  8. Hi there. Im a student about to finish my SPM examination. I want to adopt a pair of gliders around end of this year. I dont have much knowledge on their diets and so forth as because i got my major exams and i got to know about them last Deepavali celebrations. I understand that they are nocturnal animals and are noisy at night and i am ready to take care of them. As i have yet to finish my major exam by early December i did little research on them so far. Any help for me to adopt one? I live in Ampang KL Malaysia. Thank you in advance

  9. Hi there,I want to adopt a pair of sugar gliders and give them as a gift for my best friend,Haziq.I want to buy a pair but I don’t have any money.My friend, Haziq is very kind and very responsible.Haziq loves many animals such as:tortoise,sea turtle,cats and even sugar gliders.My friend became a suger glider fan when he saw them in a TV program called “Majalah 3″last year.My friend has a lot of knowledge on sugar gliders.His been collecting knowledge about them since watching that TV program.
    Please let me adopt a pair for my best friend.

    • Hi, I do not simply give gliders for adoption, and never as gifts. I do not know your friend Hafiq. If he is really interested, I rather he contact me to ask as I need to know more about him. So please tell him if he is interested, contact me himself. And also, there are no freebies in life. So wanting a pet but no money to buy one is not the right excuse for adoption. Giving another glider a second chance in life is but not money excuse.

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