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Thank you everyone who visits my blog. It is great to see that many have found it useful, especially the new sugar glider keepers.

About this topic, I guess I have to include one basically because I have been getting lots of comments from overseas. I’m located in Malaysia, so for those who wish to get from me if they are in overseas, it is quite impossible as I do not ship my animals out of the country. Sorry guys, guess those from UK and Australia have to find some breeder that sells locally. Some may ask, where is Malaysia? Check it out at

I know alot of my postings have the term RM. It is our Malaysian currency, Ringgit Malaysia = RM

Well, tonight I might be free to do some new postings. Will also update with new pictures of joeys!

Bubba boy has gone to his new home!

Little Bubba, he went to his new home on the 26 of July, 2008. Officially he was 66 days when he left my home. He grew well, he actually reached 61g, which is a very healthy weight for a joey that is close to 9 weeks OOP.

A final picture of Bubba before he went off with his new parents, Sara and TJ.

Photo taken by Marcus@Aurion. Thanks!

I have to admit, I really didn’t take much pictures of Bubba before I handed him to his new owners. I just got back my battery charger a few days ago. Well, Sara and TJ will sure update with some pictures later.

Now if I were to take Bubba and bring him to a few petshops, many of the staff or shop owners would say:

“You got cheated! That is not a 2 month old joey, that is a 5 month old joey!”

Boy, that is just a bunch of nonsense to me. Of course Bubba is 2 months OOP….. to petshops, his size is a 5 month old coz in their minds and of course with their limited knowledge, these sellers have only seen joeys that are 1 month OOP because their suppliers hand them underage joeys. If you would like to know more, read about my article, Heartless Pet Shops.

The long wait….

Hello to every reader,

I apologise about the lack of updates. Was truly busy with both college and personal problems but I will soon be back in a few days to get this up and running again. Will be posting daily articles once I have some free time at hand.

Meanwhile, I’ll update with my gliders.

Currently I have:

  • Kiah, Kapi and Keera (3 females)
  • Kinta (f) and Kimba (m)
  • Naya (f) and Pama (m)
  • Sugus (f) and Gizmo (m)
  • Moka (f) and Kopee (m) – new pair
  • Quix (f) and Lobo (m) – new pair

I will of course tell the tale of the 2 new pairs later on.

I will also introduce a new pet shop and also a new online pet store.