Fake or Original?

I saw on Mudah.my several sellers going around promoting their sugar gliders as ORIGINAL Grade A or High grade Australian sugar gliders. Hello???!!! How on earth you can get Australian Sugar Gliders when it is strictly forbidden to get any glider in and out of Australia since the 1950s….????

Anyway, sugar gliders are not objects, ok? Don’t go around labeling these wonderful animals like some latest handphone or laptop…. grade AAA, perfect condition and stuff. All sugar gliders are grey variations (the wild colour) if they are the local ones from Indonesia. Get your FACTS right!!!! Our sugar gliders, even the ones in USA are from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. So to tell people sugar gliders from Indonesia, locally bred in Malaysia and from Thailand are wild, untame, brown and bites like hell is soooooooooo untruuuueeeee…. Rubbish to you. Please don’t educate people like that you money minded people. Show some respect to the poor glider ok?

Also, some may advertise as their sugar gliders are so pure from Australia that they always stay grey and never bite. One way to get them not to bite is that some evil cruel sellers take nail clippers to cut away half of the length of the bottom front teeth of the joeys. Please do not do this. They will have trouble eating later on.

These are Australian Petaurus Breviceps….. so different from the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea ones.

Their markings are lighter, not as bold. They have a different face.

Compare it with our ones from local breeders, Thailand and Indonesia


My variation gliders

OK…. yes yes, I have been delaying this alot….. but anyway, I would like to make an official post on my coloured babies.

I managed to get hold of a very handsome boy. He is a White Face Blonde (WFB) that is 50% het cremino. Previously owned by J&J Gliders, I bought over and now, Turbo, as he is named, is living with me. Oh yah, he now already has 3 joeys, which are all greys  but possibility of carrying 25% het cremino genes. Well, tell will all be under a new breeding project once they are old enough. Currently he is paired with Tippy, my white tipped glider and Chickadee, my classic grey glider.

Turbo is imported from the USA. Usually, depending on what het a WFB carries, they can cost anything from RM2.5k to RM3.8k. A WFB is a white face variation, where the black band behind the ears and the bib below the neck is missing. Normal grey variation glides have it.

Look at that clownish and oh so gorgeous face. He is very dominant and protective over his colony. Marking all over wit

h his strong musky male smell hahahah….


Then my other variation glider is a female. She is pure white, a leucistic with mosaic background, so her ears are not 100% pink. But anyway, it was always a dream for me to have a fully white glider with deep dark black eyes. So I actually got hold of my dream glider! Her name is Nuala, it means White Haired in Welsh I think…. I forgot hahahaha….. anyway, she is a very pretty one. Her OOP date is 03 October 2011. Got her home on New Years Day. She is also fully imported from the USA. I actually was real lucky coz I wanted a white mosaic at first, but it must have been fate that I had the opportunity to have Nuala. Again, thanks to J&J Gliders for getting her to Malaysia.  A leucistic glider can cost anything between RM7k to Rm10k. A leu glider is basically pure white, with normally pink ears or very mild grey ears, have not a single grey hair and no markings on the body. Just pure white with black eyes. Different from an albino and they are mutation, which is sometimes called Black Eyed White Glider.

Now she is slightly at first shy, but once she warms up to her environment, she is just an adventurer. She adores mealworms and yogurt drops. Nuala has a bad habit of not grooming herself, since she is now living alone because I am waiting to pair her up with Turbo, I have become her groomer so quite often I have to use a tooth brush to brush her coat and use wet wipes to wipe her grubby ears.




Photo Contest

Hi everyone. This year, Suggies At Home will be turning 4 years old. It’s been a great 4 years, so many things happened….. so many new experiences and the best of all, educating more people and getting to know more friends. I LOVE meeting people with the same hobby and it just brings me joy to see so many who are as passionate about sugar gliders as I am.

As a BIG THANK YOU to all my fans, supporters, readers, customers and friends, I decided to have a little competition. It will begin today (No, this is no April’s Fools Joke) and it will end on 15 May 2012. Rules are, it has to be a picture of your glider, can be with you in the picture also. Each person is allowed to enter 1 photo. Anyone who owns a sugar glider can enter this contest. Make sure the photos are creative and capture’s your sugar glider’s amazing character and personality. The most LIKES (they are votes) will be the winner. Contest ends on 15 May, at the stroke of MidNight.

Contest is open to all Malaysians.6 prizes to be won!!!!! So hurry up and get your camera’s started. Enjoy!


An Adjustment, you have to enter the contest through a 3rd party App. So Please click this to enter:

Contest form

Examples of fake sugar glider food

Ok, I got the consent of the owner of the pictures to include them in this blog. Now, see what I mean? They look cheap and full of artificial colouring…. I’m even scared to eat them myself! They are generic cereal…. I have seen this marketed for hamsters before. Recently some person on Mudah.my also marketed sugar glider food but it was repackaged hamster food, with loads of sunflower seeds, corn, millet, and some cat food in it as well with oats…. poor gliders indeed. Please stay away from such products. Check carefully on the ingredients and how it looks like, don’t be fooled but the pet shop marketer or promoter. Best to just stay loyal to popular brands that are being carried by large pet shops.

TV interview with Planet Kids

Well, my bad as I forgotten to post this in my blog. Just before I left for my France Trip, RTM2 came and did a video shooting for a kids program, with me introducing the sugar glider. The program is in Bahasa Melayu, on Saturday 24 March 2012, 7.30am till 10am. Hope you guys are able to catch it. 

Beware of “Fake” Sugar Glider Food and supplements

This issue is very alarming. Recently popped up in Sugar Glider Malaysia group in Facebook. Some members were posting pictures of sugar glider food that looked like colourful kids cereal. It reminded me of those cheap generic brands of cereals shaped like Honey Stars, Coco Crunch and Trix…. Some even market little kids jelly cups and called them gum or gel for sugar gliders. Erm, Please becareful when purchasing food for your suggies. If you want gum, use Acacia Gum.

There are many businessmen out there looking for quick ways to earn fast money. One of it was bonding pouches, sold at RM30 over but wasn’t safe because it was only a single layer pouch. So the sewing, threads and mesh ends and zipper ends were all exposed, and there have been a few cases where the gliders died from strangulation from the loose threads and some had missing digits due to self mutilation from getting caught in the exposed sewing.

Anyway, buying online is a big risk, I have seen many “new” brands popping up.  Many are repacking Exotic Nutrition products, so that’s ok. What I’m concerned with is the people not telling you where the supply comes from. It could be repackaged rabbit food or repackaged dogfood….. and those powdered vitamins, it could just be glucose or powdered sugar. So be wise. Choose brands that have been in the market for a few years, just to be safe. Large petshops usually carry reputable brands like Bugsy and so on. Don’t be fooled by small petshops, that would just packaged chicken food and call it glider pellets. Check with the brands or the food that you wish to buy. Get in touch with FB groups as they can be helpful….

So sick….. help me…. please?

I have come across many new owners that take their sugar glider’s health for granted. Many do not think about bringing their sugar gliders to a vet for a check up when something doesn’t look right. Instead, they give a shout out at forums or in Facebook groups, asking questions like “My glider has a swollen eye, what should I do?” or “My glider can’t walk anymore and is weak, what can be done? Do I need to see a vet?”

Come on people….. when you get sick, you medicate yourself with whatever over the counter pharmacy meds you have at home right? But that is when you know what kinda sickness or problem you have. When you are clueless about your sickness, you visit the doctor, right? So it’s the same thing….. just that gliders do not know how to see the vet so it is your responsibility as an owner to bring your glider to the vet for treatment if something is not right with it.

Which vet to go to? Well, my best advice is to get recommendations from forums or online groups as they would be able to give you good clinic recommendations. It’s hard for me to recommend you the vet I go to because she doesn’t have a clinic and basically rotates in various clinics depending on her schedule. Her contact is private, so again, I can’t post anything about her.

Gliders are pros when it comes to hiding their illnesses or wounds. But just be alert and check your gliders daily. Make sure no wounds or swollen joints. Check your glider’s face as well because a swollen cheek could mean a gum infection that could get septic and lead to the glider losing its eye. It can happen so best not to delay. Self mutilation is also common and it normally begins with overgrooming.

Now what is overgrooming? One can detect if a glider is over grooming itself is by the distinctive bald spots on their bodies. If fur is thinning evenly and your glider is basically scratching more often, that would be a sign of mites or something fungal on the skin. Prominent bald patches would be signs of a glider just constantly licking 1 spot over and over again, from balding to reddish skin (from overlicking) to it turning into a flesh wound…. and when a glider feels pain, it would bite itself and that leads to self mutilation.

Why self mutilate? Normally, a sign of stress and boredom. This behavior often arises from mental stress created from improper keeping. A small cage, loneliness, poor diet, lack of exercise, just to name a few. Another would be habitual so look out for that as well. Bite wounds that are left unattended can become septic, turn yellow with pus and worst case…. turn into gangrene….. you do not want that to happen.

So if your glider falls sick or injures itself, don’t just sit at home and wait for an answer to appear on the internet. Get proactive, do a few calls and bring your glider straight to a vet.


Yay to a new start!

Alright, I know you guys must be mad at me for not updating much lately. Well, it’s been a pretty hectic beginning of the year for me. Projects, TV shoots, gatherings, pet shows and events…. along with my final semester assignments…. oh gosh, really drowning in lots of commitments.

Anyway, I delayed this a bit but I just wanted to highlight that Suggies At Home will now slowly breed Variation Gliders. Yes, since last year, I have obtained 2 very special sugar gliders that have been imported from the USA. 1 is a white face male named Turbo, and another is a white mosaic female named Nuala. I will update with pictures soon. 

Yah, another great start is that now I have a new laptop, so it’s much easier to use than my netbook. I just realize that my netbook kinda made me resize my pics weirdly, so do be patient, I will be changing the outlook for my blog soon.

How about GliderSLURP?

Best thing is, I now have agents distributing. Please look below:

Official GliderSLURP agents:


1 – Kelvin Chan (Subang, Sunway, Puchong, Damansara, Petaling Jaya)


poster: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150377857244159&set=o.94746575178&type=1&ref=nf

 ~Areas that Kelvin cover :-

Subang Jaya (The Summit USJ, Empire Gallery Subang)

Sunway (Sunway Pyramid)

Puchong (IOI Mall on Fridays only)

Kota Damansara (Sunway Giza)*

Mutiara Damansara (The Curve)*

Damansara Utama (Fitness First)*

Bandar Utama (One Utama)*

Kelana Jaya (LRT)*



2 – Naiman Eman (Shah Alam)


Poster: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2900359706292&set=o.94746575178&type=1&ref=nf



3 – Callister Wong (Klang)


Poster: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150529296058277&set=a.10150431828588277.358389.553963276&type=3


 4 – Helmi Hassan (Penang, Sungai Petani, Kulim)


Poster: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150483077493190&set=o.94746575178&type=1&ref=nf



5 – Noah Darham (Kulai, Senai, Skudai, JB)


Poster : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2916177753449&set=o.94746575178&type=1&ref=nf


6 – Zeon Zecko (Melaka)



 7 – Suggie Shiteru (putrajaya,bangi,kajang,seri kmbngn, serdang, dengkil n sepang)




8 – Hun (Danau Kota, Wangsa Maju LRT, Taman Melati LRT)



9. Pet Epicure (Taman Melawati)


16 Jalan Bandar 2, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL

CLOSED on Mondays and Public Holidays

OPENING HOURS ARE: 9.30am – 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday9.30am – 4pm Weekends

petepicure@gmail.com 0129059010 – Olivia 0123313318 – Alicia

Will try

My apologies to all my readers. It’s been a busy year, so that’s why I have not been updating much. Anyway, will do so more often. A few highlights:

1) Suggies At Home will start to have other stuff for sale like pouches, accesories and hpw, besides gliderslurp.

2) GliderSLURP now has agents in many states, from Penang to Johor. Stay tuned for the updated list of agents.

3) There will be a sugar glider event at PetsPlayground Pet Hotel at Damansara. Please look for it on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/355150417832472/

I will try to update whenever possible. I just need to reformat my netbook then all should be fine.